Six Mesmerising Places to RV in New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the best upvoted RVer destinations of all times.Why?

With a topography mainly with mountains and deserts, New Mexico is the ideal peaceful getaway for any RVer. From the land of aliens to the land of bottomless lakes there is so much to do.


Here are our favorite six destinations to RV in New Mexico:

  1. Roswell and Aztec: 
    The prime UFO location of Roswell, Aztec Ruins and Aztec Visitor center are some places that an RVer must not miss when RVing in New Mexico. Aztec Visitor center remains open Tuesday-Saturday.
    Aztec Ruins
  2. Pecos National Historic Park:
    17 Miles off Santa Fe, Pecos National Historic Park has Civil War battlefields and astonishing Indian Ruins undamaged and realistic.
  3. Bottomless Lake State Park:
    Located at Pecos River, this was the first ever park of New Mexico. From motor boating to kayaking, Bottomless Lakes Park offers dozens of fun activities specifically to explore the entire State Park.
  4. Chihuahuan Desert:
    Occupying some areas of Arizona and Texas, the Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico is the second largest desert in North America.  This desert is also a prime location for RV Stargazing parties.
  5. Navajo State Lake Park: 
    With over 200 camp sites around the Navajo State Lake, the State Park is a prime destination for RVers all round the year!
  6. Fenton Lake State Park:
    One of the best mellow mountain escapes, Fenton Lake National Park offers many activities like canoeing, cross-country skiing and exploring Pine forests.

RVing in New Mexico is ideal if you have a week to leisurely tour the unearthly wonders of New Mexico. In fact, with activities like trail hiking, mountain biking, stargazing parties and endless adventures, RV in New Mexico is a perfect trip!

Have you gone RVing to New Mexico? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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