BIG NEWS!!! We're Looking for Our Next RV!

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BIG NEWS!!! We're Looking for Our Next RV!
Yep. It’s official. We’re in the market… There’s a LOT more detail on what we’re looking for over on The Fit RV blog, where you can also leave comments (or …

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The Fit RV


  1. All of the specs that you describe needs to be presented to the team at Advanced RV to see if they can design and build one for you? They do some amazing things if cost is not an issue?

  2. Love your videos, and Mel. Why get rid of Lance? It sounds like he is pretty close to perfect except for the underpants problem, and we all know you guys have done a crazy amount of upgrades.

  3. This is what everyone should do when trying to select the right RV for themselves. I am looking forward to following your search for that elusive perfect RV.

  4. Sounds like you folks have a big, but "very narrow" list to go through. I guess you either need to talk to some manufacturers and order a custom-designed one, or go ham on a bare-bones shell, and DIY to completely tick off all your "want" boxes. The only probable "con" with buying a brand new or slightly used RV is that you almost always have to work with what you got and mod it from there. Building something from the ground up to your exact specs may be better in the long run if you are willing (and have the budget) to do so – and it doesn't have to be DIY if you can find a manufacturer that can build your specs while you two can still tool around in Lance until it's done.
    The only other van I know that come with a pre-built garage under 24 feet is LTV with one of their Wonder Line, I think. There's not many out in the US that come with something like that with a "small" footprint, unless you've got enough money to import one of the European RV's that come with a garage. Good luck!

  5. You guys' list is almost the same as ours. Coachmen Galleria 24A is the only one we could find with a decent garage. Like you guys, we need two places for people to work and the 24A was going to be tough to accommodate two workspaces and garage. Can't wait to see what you guys buy…

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    I'm grateful for you guys! I've learned a lot about RVs from you. You have a great wish list — I have many of the same things on mine. Unless Thor begins importing Hymer RVs to the US market soon, you may have to buy and renovate to get all you want. To do that, I think you may need to start with the bones. You can customize many things, but you can't add the room to work with. So if you want an interior garage in a ~24ft. rig your choices are limited.

    You know about the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB. Coachmen has the Cross Trek, but the build quality seems sketchy to hit their price point. Tiffin now has the Wayfarer 25 LW. I really like the Dynamax Isata 5 28 SS with the Explorer Package, but that's longer than you want to be. And someone below mentioned the Coachmen Galleria 24 A. That checks many boxes but seems too small for all your needs. Have you considered contacting Embassy RV about a custom build?

    The good news is that US builders are finally waking up to interior storage for bikes, scooters, etc., in a footprint smaller than a toy hauler. With your skills and experience you should be able to customize one if it has the right bones to work with. I look forward to seeing what you decide to go with!


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