Boondocking While RVing Tips

So you have been RVing and you want to try…boondocking! Take a look at these tips from fellow RVers who have some advice about boondocking while RVing.

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Basic Boondocking Tips & Tricks for Newbie RVers

Boondocking Tips and Tricks

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Do you enjoy RVing Boondocking? Let’s hear some of your tips!

  • I had no clue that this kind of thing happened. We have been owners of homes since 1992 and I am completely tired of it. There’s things I want to see, places I want to go, shopping I want to do. Considering the RV lifestyle is certainly something I thought of as fun, adventurous and cool. Now, I’m like, OMG I had to put up with insane neighbors and now if I do this it will be people thinking they own the world not just my side of my own property. Is there no end? Wow!

  • Before leaving on your first trip, there are things you should/ need to do.
    1. See how long your propane lasts with normal use. With furnace, Cooking, fridge running, and anything else hooked to propane. Then, check how long without, furnace, or light cooking (less dishes), and whatever else. Experiment with it.
    2. See how long your potable water (drinking, dishes, shower) lasts with different usage levels. Experiment with it.
    3. Grey water tank. How long to fill it? With showers, dishes, wash-ups, shaving, brushing teeth?
    Experiment with it.
    4. Black water tank (sewage). How long to fill it. Men, pee outside when you can. Experiment with it, as much possible. haha
    5. Battery. How long does it last, before recharging it. Just lights, fridge, radio, water heater, all 12 volt items. Experiment with it.
    BTW, I didn’t do this, ran out of propane, during cold days. Also grey water tank filled up in 9 days, consisting of 2 showers, 5 wash-ups, 14 brushings, dishes 2 times. I am severely disabled so, showers take me longer. 🙁
    Better to do all this at home, BEFORE you leave on your first trip. Good luck to all