Building the Right Wardrobe for the RV Lifestyle

For any camping trip, it is important to pack the right clothes to make sure you are comfortable no matter what kind of weather comes your way. Even if you plan ahead and check the weather forecast for your destination, the weather can always change and bring in conditions that you weren’t expecting. With a smart packing strategy and the right clothes in your wardrobe to pick from, you should be able to keep yourself well-prepared for each of your RV vacations.

Space Is at a Premium

Even if you own a large RV that you travel in, you still don’t want to pack more clothes than you need – they will just take up space and make for more work when packing and unpacking. Instead of just throwing in all of your clothes from your closet and home, take some time to make a careful list of the clothes that you expect to need based on where you will be staying and what you plan on doing. For example, if it is a summer vacation and you expect to spend some time in or on the water, lightweight clothes and swimming gear will be essential – along with towels to get dried off.

Allow for Extra

While you want to save space, you also want to be prepared in case of unexpected circumstances that damage the clothes you brought. A good rule of thumb is to bring one extra item than you expect to need from groups like socks and undergarments. By having even one extra item in these areas, you will be protected if you happen to need more than expected. This plan is particularly important if you are headed to a destination that is without laundry facilities nearby. Striking the right balance between being well prepared and being over packed is a skill that you will improve over time as you take more and more RV trips.


Remember the Cool Mornings

When you take a summer trip to a location that is known for warm, or even hot, temperatures in the middle of the day, don’t forget that the mornings are still likely to be chilly – or downright cold. Make sure you pack at least a couple of light layers to put on during the morning hours before the sun comes up high enough to take the chill out of the air. These same garments can be useful at night if you are still outside when the sun goes down and that chill comes back. For a summer trip, even just one or two layers to put on when the temperature drops could make the difference between being comfortable and having to head back into the RV.

Options are Key

As you look through your wardrobe at home trying to decide what will make the trip and what will stay home, look at garments that present you with options based on the conditions and the situation. For example, a comfortable pair of sweatpants could work both as something to relax around the fire in, and as sleepwear. That way, you don’t have to pack separate pajamas for the trip, but you have comfortable pants for a variety of situations. The more items that you can use in multiple roles, the fewer overall pieces you will need to pack into your suitcase.

Building the right wardrob for rvingSave Older Clothes for the Job

Depending on your usual camping destinations, the clothes you bring along could wind up a little dirty or messy by the end of the trip. If that is the case, it would be wise to develop a separate camping wardrobe of older clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Retire some of your ‘regular’ clothes into this category from time to time, and pretty soon you will have a nice collection of clothes to take on RV trips that you can wear without worrying about their condition.

Don’t save your packing to the last minute before you leave for your trip, or you will be far more likely to forget certain items only to wish you had them later on. By taking a few minutes to put together a packing list and then get those clothes assembled ahead of time into your luggage, the process of leaving for the trip can be less-stressful and for more enjoyable.

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