Calling It Off Early – When to Pack Up and Head Home

In an ideal world, every RV trip would be great fun from start to finish. Of course, this isn’t an ideal world, and not every trip lives up to your expectations. When you do find yourself on a trip that isn’t everything you hoped for, should you just ‘suck it up’ and wait until your planned time to go home? Not necessarily. Under certain circumstances, you might be better off to just head home and start looking forward to your next trip – which will hopefully be a big success.

Sometimes, It's Best to Simply Pack Up and Head Home
Sometimes, It’s Best to Simply Pack Up and Head Home

Following are three reasons why you may decide to give up on your vacation before it was scheduled to end.

Someone Gets Sick

This is a pretty obvious one, as someone in your travelling party getting ill is a good reason to decide to pack up early. Even if they are only mildly under the weather, you still will want to think about heading home for the good of everyone in the group. The person who has become sick probably isn’t having very much fun on the trip, and the others will be at an increased risk of catching the illness due to the close living quarters in an RV. Most of the time, the best course of action is just to head home where everyone can spread out and the ill person can get the rest and medication that they need to recover.

It’s Getting Expensive

Sometimes, a trip is just more expensive than you expected. When you arrive at your destination, everything may be most costly than anticipated, and you might find that you are going over your budget early in the week. When that is the case, you don’t have to stick around and blow through your bank account while worrying about paying the bills when you get home. It might not be the ‘fun’ decision, but the right choice may be to turn around and head home a couple of days early. By slicing a little bit of time off of the back of your vacation, you may be able to bring the whole trip in under budget while still getting to enjoy at least some of what you were planning on doing.

It’s No Fun!

Despite your best efforts in planning a fun vacation, you may get out on a trip only to find that you just aren’t enjoying yourself. Maybe the destination isn’t everything you expected, or maybe bad weather is limiting what you can do outside of the RV. No matter the reason, it doesn’t make much sense to sit around in the RV waiting for the week to pass so you can go back home. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, and if your family isn’t having any fun either, there is no shame in just going home early (or moving on to another destination, if possible). Most of your RV trips will likely be successful, so having the odd trip come up short really isn’t that big of a deal.

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