Cannon Beach is a Northwest Classic

The Pacific Coast – from Washington all the way down through California – is stunning. There are memorable vistas at countless stops along the way, and many beach towns exist to cater to tourists and those who decide to make the coast their home. If you are an RV owner and you have never ventured out toward the Pacific Coast of the United States, be sure to put this trip somewhere near the top of your list.

Cannon Beach is a Stunning Location on the Pacific Coast
Cannon Beach is a Stunning Location on the Pacific Coast

Of course, when you do decide to head west, you will quickly find that there are a great number of potential destinations. You could head into California to enjoy the legendary Pacific Coast Highway and the Big Sur region south of Monterey. Alternatively, you could head toward the rugged Washington coast near the Hoh Rain Forest on the west side of Olympic National Park. Both of those would be great options, as would many points in between.

Northern Oregon Coast

Speaking of points in between, Cannon Beach in northern Oregon is a beach destination worthy of strong consideration for an upcoming RV trip. This quiet little town is located on one of the prettiest beaches in all of Oregon, highlighted by the impressive Haystack Rock. Together with the town of Seaside slightly to the north, the Cannon Beach area makes for a great destination for both couples and families.

The beauty of traveling to this part of the coast is that the two towns – Cannon Beach and Seaside – offer such a diverse experience. In Cannon Beach, you will find upscale dining, art galleries and other shops, and a peaceful atmosphere. Seaside, on the other hand, is more family-oriented, with an arcade, inexpensive dining, and plenty of family activities to take part in. Since these two towns are only around 15 minutes apart, you don’t have to pick one or the other – you can easily stay in one and visit the other once or twice during your stay.

Visitors Peak in the Summer Months

Another great thing about the northern Oregon coast is that you can visit any time of year and have a great time. Sure, summer is the most popular season and offers the best weather, but winter trips will leave open the possibility of watching the waves crash into the coast on a stormy day. However, it should be noted that many of the touristy activities close during the winter months, so there won’t be as much to do outside of visiting the beach if you come in the winter.

Cannon Beach is only a short drive west from Portland, and it can be accessed easily from locations throughout the northwest. While there are plenty of restaurants in the area, there are also several grocery stores if you would rather do your own cooking inside the RV. Multiple RV parks are available in the Cannon Beach-Seaside area, so you will have plenty of options in terms of where you would like to park your rig. This area is extremely popular in the summer, however, so be sure to make reservations if you plan on traveling during the high season.

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