Cat Litter Box and RV Travel

#pettravel #travelingwithcats #rvcatlitterbox Our RV travel has included our two cats, Mink and Molly, since day one. As with most pets, they’re family and seem to enjoy RV travel as much as we do. Our biggest challenge has been the litter box. With cats, it’s that necessary must have, but as those of use who travel with cats know – RV floor plans were not made for this essential item. We started off placing the litter box under the bathroom sink. It fit. The cats used it. But, cat litter was always in the floor and tracked throughout the RV. You could sweep it up and an hour later, more was in the floor. We came up with a great solution. A custom area with an entry next to the steps and a door to service the box from the pass through storage. This solution has been great. Worth the day of planning and the work to accomplish.

I also show how we travel with Mink and Molly in the back seat of the truck. As stated in the video, the link below is the same unit for the back seat pet tube that we are using.

Pet Tube –

Have issues managing pet hair? We found a couple products that help. The pet grooming glove is awesome. Use a couple times a month to remove both loose hair as well as that fine hair deep in the cats coat. Works great for dogs too. We also use this vacuum. Not to pricey, but good results on linoleum, engineered wood and carpet.

Pet Grooming Glove –

Shark Flex DuoClean Corded Ultra-Light – Upright

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  1. This is a great idea. I have a laundry chute in my bedroom floor which goes to a storage compartment down below. I'm going to try putting the litter box there, but I'm pretty confident that one of my fraidy cats will absolutely not go in there. If he does, he probably won't figure out how to get back up. Wherever it goes, its going to have to be where the dog can't reach it, because I already know she won't leave it alone. It's like a delicacy to dogs. So gross! I'll probably cut a little kitty door in one of the cabinets, although I really don't want to give up any of my limited storage space. Hopefully I'll find a spot where I can do what you did, because that's the best idea I've seen yet. I'm not too acquainted with my 5th wheel, as I haven't moved in yet. I really hope a solution comes to me.

  2. Thanks for this video. Was wondering how I was going to travel with my little kitty kitties. Great idea gonna get my son to help me on this for them.

    Try Frisco kitty litter, order it from response price and less smell. Add a litter mat so they won't track it everywhere. But Frisco is so much better as far as small and clumping.
    Thanks again great idea for kitties. And your babies are precious and I have two black kittens as well. So adorable.

  3. I am so happy i watched this video…i have been trying to figure out where to put the litter box. I haven't bought an rv yet, looking to buy in a month or two. I am going to look for one where i can actually do what you did. Your cats are beautiful!

  4. I kept the litter box on a soft mat in the shower, Sass loved having his privacy. I used 2" of clumping litter, scooped every day, fresh litter every week and no odor problem. Slightly larger box meant no misses and I only had a little bit of litter trail, easily swept up.

  5. Wow, that was great, I have 2 cats one is a rescue 18lb female and 1 is a 2 year male Bengal 10lbs, unfortunately they do not get along, we are planning to start RVing and would like to take them both, I'm not sure how we will resolve that issue, but I am sure we will figure it out. Love your cat box idea

  6. Great idea! I don't usually reply to things but you really should not be using clorox to clean up cat pee. Esspecislly in that small space. You could end up killing your babies. Bleach and cat urin cause a chemical reaction that could kill them if inhaled. Please research it and switch to vinegar or Lysol. That is a wonderful idea on the cat box area though. Good luck in you're travels

  7. I have 6 cats and 2 dogs, our vet used to use a pellet type litter, but the plant burned down, we have found stove pellets (make sure they're 100% wood, no additives) work best, everything just reduces to sawdust, easy to clean, no smell. My dogs by far smell worse than my cats.

  8. Love that u call them kitties lol.

    I bought 6$ astroturf door mats at fred meyer, they trap ALL the litter, then just shake it out. They look like "grass" too

    U seem like a real nice guy

  9. Great ideas and cute cats. But I wonder. Don't you worry about losing your cat's while you travel? That has always been my biggest fear about traveling with my cats. I'd never forgive myself if they got lost. Don't they try and escape?

  10. Doesn't the peg board allow cold and warm air into the living space and cat litter box smell into the garage space? Just curious why not use a thin panel of solid wood instead of one with holes. Great idea! Thanks for the vid.


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