Celebrity Motorhomes

Unlike the consensus, celebrities are also RVers. Moreover, Celebrity Motorhomes are way above luxury RVs as well!

According to Anthony P,

“There are a few celebrities who have grown to love the RV lifestyle, either due to a crippling fear of flying or just a love of cross-country travel”.

Here are our favorite Celebrity Motorhomes 2016

  • Will Smith

Take a look inside Will Smith’s jaw-dropping RV here

Check out more videos from the user here.

  • Hansen

Wanna see the insides of Hansen’s motorhome? Here, take a look!

To watch more videos from the user, click here.

Celebrity Motorhomes are a level above the fancy motorhomes that steal the usual RV shows. In fact, most celebrities customize their RVs as well. Whose RV did you like better in this story? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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