How to Clean an RV Rubber Roof

Just like any other vehicle, your RV is going to need periodic care and maintenance if it is going to provide you with many years of reliable service. One of the parts of your RV which needs to be cleaned from time to time is a part you usually don’t see – the roof. It all likelihood, your RV has a rubber roof to keep the elements at bay. While these rubber roofs are durable and reliable, they do need to be cleaned occasionally. If you would like to provide your roof with the attention it needs, consider the helpful tips below.

Be Careful Above All Else

The roof of your RV might not be as high off the ground as the roof of your home, but it is still sufficiently high to injure you in the case of a fall. Anytime you are working on the roof of your RV, take precautions to keep yourself as safe as possible. Tread lightly on the roof, take your time, and watch for tripping hazards. Also, save this job for a rain-free day, as a wet RV roof can be a slippery place. If you are uncomfortable with heights or are not steady on your feet, it may be better to turn this job over to a professional.

Inspect the Surface

There are a number of seams on the roof of your RV where the rubber meets various items – and all of these seams are potential locations for a leak. As you prepare to clean the roof, check for cuts or breaks along the seams, as well as visually inspecting the rest of the roof for damage. You may not have noticed if a tree branch or other item clipped your roof as you drove along, but such damage could easily lead to a leak.

Repairs Before Cleaning

Should you happen to find any damage on your roof, take the step of repairing those damaged spots before you move on to cleaning. Always be sure to use the right materials when completing roof repairs – you can ask about this at the dealership or consult your owner’s manual if you are unsure.

Nothing Fancy

Most of your RV roof cleaning activity can be completed with a brush and some warm, soapy water. To soap up the water, just use a basic dish detergent. As long as you keep up a routine of washing the roof of your RV on a periodic basis, there shouldn’t be too much grime to cut through – just one or two passes with your brush and the soapy water should do the job.

Get Advice When in Doubt

If you have a serious mess on your hands when you go up to clean the roof of your RV, it is possible that you will need to use stronger cleaners to get the job done. Before you do so, be sure to get advice or to at least carefully read labels. Some of the cleaners you will find on the market are harmful to a rubber roof. Steer clear of using the wrong products and keep up with a maintenance schedule to keep your RV roof in great shape for years to come.


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