Combine Work and RV Travel? It Just Might Be Possible

When most people think about going on an RV trip, they think about taking time off of work to do so. But what if you could go on trips in your RV and work at the same time? Just thinking about that possibility is probably enough to get you excited – after all, most people have limited vacation time, so you probably can’t take more than one or two trips per year at the moment. If you were able to work and travel, however, you would open up a world of possibilities.

Working in Your RV Might Be a Viable Option
Working in Your RV Might Be a Viable Option

Web-based Work

Obviously, if you physically work in a factory or a warehouse, you aren’t going to be able to do that job while on the road. However, if most of your work is based on a computer (as is the case for millions of people), you could potentially work out an arrangement where you could work ‘remotely’. That means that you would still complete your work as usual on the computer, but you wouldn’t be in the office to do it. Instead of your boring old cubicle, you could be working from anywhere you choose – including the inside of your RV.

Internet Connection is a Must

If you are thinking about setting up a remote-work situation with your employer, the first thing you will always need to have is an internet connection. Without access to the internet, you likely won’t be able to do your job, and the working from the road arrangement will never get off the ground. Fortunately, many RV parks now offer Wi-Fi service for their customers, so you should be able to find plenty of campgrounds where you can stay connected. Also, you may be able to get cellular internet connection that will be sufficient for your work needs when Wi-Fi is unavailable. Before you head out on any trip, make sure you are going to have connections available so you can perform your work duties properly while traveling.

Set a Strict Schedule

It can be difficult to work on the road when you are camping in a great place with plenty of things to do and see. For that reason, setting a detailed schedule is very important. By laying out each day of your trip with hours set aside for both work and recreation, you can make sure things get done while still having fun at the same time. Design this schedule along with your traveling partner (or partners) to make sure the needs of everyone in the RV are met.

If your job offers the opportunity to work remotely, you should at least explore the possibility of taking trips in your RV while still keeping up with things at the office. This isn’t going to be an option for everyone, but those who can make it happen will be in for a great experience. You won’t quite have the same feeling of freedom as you do on a normal vacation, but working while you travel will open up possibilities that simply wouldn’t exist otherwise.

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