Cons Of Set Destinations ~ Sani Dumps App ~ Walmart RV Oil Change ~ S3E40

Cons Of Set Destinations ~ Sani Dumps App ~ Walmart RV Oil Change ~ S3E40
One of the main reasons we are not returning to Alaska next year is the fact that having set destinations really puts a “damper” on other aspects of the road.

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  • G ur so cute kobuk jumping up on dash board … U saying u have lost privileges my nephew asked me i thought we were the only one that lost privileges cool kobuk does to… Lol hes 9…
    How much does it range chris on changing oil maybe lube all the joints etc?? While they got her up in the air did u ask them yo check ur jacks maybe dirt or rocks are effecting there ability?? Pretty expensive here in Alaska i have to say its much more reasonable down lower 48..

  • Chris I used to buy an oil pan use it once and dispose of it. Still cheaper than having it changed and I had some real issues with oil changed in the road. I saw a guy in s pit get aggravated and slam the new filter gasket down in the cement floor. Had to step in and stop him from installing it.

  • Cant you put the oil stuff in the trunk of her car? I was wondering you see any Junping Jack tent Trailers.  Can you look at them and see if they are worth it for me please? if you can do a video great, if not respond to what you think of them on this please. Thanks

  • I love the tow view, great idea! Great views of Oregon. You know synthetic lasts a lot
    Longer than people think. I'd like to recommend sending an oil sample to Blackstone labs: they can help you get extended change intervals.

  • My wife and I live in Eugene and are retired. We love taking road trips to Florence, Coos Bay and Bandon. Glad to see you kids are enjoying the coast. Three Rivers Casino in Florence has free parking for over niters in their RVs around back.

  • For the oil changes, Install an oil change valve on the engine in place of the drain plug. (lowers the chance of stripped threads or leaks) Get one of the oil drain containers from wally world. Drop the oil, refill, dump old oil out of container into the empties and drop it off at any place that does oil changes or sells new oil in quantity. Wipe off the top of the oil drain container, put the plugs and caps back on and you're good to go. Storage wise, toss it in a garbage bag on the back seat, trunk of the toad.

  • That is an awesome route to travel. Did it a few years ago, got laid up in Florence OR for a couple nights with engine problems. Fortunately we were able to get back to the Johnston Motors Ford Dealership who were very accommodating. Continued on meandering along the coast to San Francisco. Definitely loved the visit at Mendocino, CA. If you're ever in Mendocino, take note of the "widow's walk" on top of the homes (the flat roofs with short railings so wives could see their sailor husbands come home safely). Also visit the "Thanks Giving Cafe"for a cup of coffee or breakfast or lunch. Awesome story behind the place and owner. .

  • 20+ years ago doing this was different, no reservations ever, now gotta be where you have to be. Even out of season. And reservations I HATE MY FELLOW CAMPERS cause their the competition. Rant over