Country Star’s RV Burst Into Flames On The Highway

“Country Star’s Bus Bursts Into Flames On Interstate
Chris lane Songs | Country Star’s Bus Bursts Into Flames On Interstate | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Chris Lane/Twitter

Groundbreaking country star Chris Lane suffered a huge loss earlier today when the tour bus he was traveling on caught fire.

Lane shared the news on social media saying, “Our Bus just burned down on the side of 65….all my stuff in the back We are all Safe and the @panthers are winning so that’s a positive.”

The statement accompanied a video in which Lane’s bus can be seen parked on the side of the interstate with it’s back end engulfed in flames. Various music instruments and suitcases can be seen laying on the ground near the bus indicating that the crew was able to salvage some of the bus’s contents. The video appears to have been taken before emergency crews arrived as a man is seen with a small fire extinguisher in hand. ”

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