Do You Need a Special Driver’s License to Drive Your RV?

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As Drivers Licenses are different by each state, most aspiring RVers ask if a special license is needed to drive their rig.

The truth is, depending upon the weight of your RV, you need to get a Class A or Class B Driver’s License.

RVs are defined under two vehicle categories: Class A and Class B.

The former refers to a combo of RVs with GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) higher than 26,001 pounds along with a GVWR of your towed trailers being higher than 10,000 pounds.

Class B refers to One vehicle with GVWR above 26,001 pounds hitched to a towed vehicle having no more than 10,000 pounds GVWR.

RV Driver’s License in Detail

Driver's License

  • Non-commercial DL: Liberty to choose which license to apply for- restricted or Unrestricted License for operating a Class A or B non-commercial motorhome or RV.
  • Commercial Driver’s License: People registered with CDL are covered under the FMCSA regulations address Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) alone. Hence, an RV used recreationally or for non-commercial purposes, does not qualify for the FMCSA definitions.
  • Restricted License Limits: The Driver’s License is issued based on skills, road tests and pretrip at the licensing authority. Additionally, you should drive none other a motorhome or RV.
  • Class D: “Driver’s license manual states that a Class D license is valid up to 26,000 lb GVW. We confirmed by phone that the Class D license is valid for all RV’s”- Changing Gears. 

Check out this video on an RV Driving Lesson

To watch more videos from the user, click here.

Most RVs can be driven if you hold a regular DL. Depending on the class your RV falls into, your DL will also differ. Make sure to check the same with the FMCSA alongside the purchase of your RV.

What RV Drivers License do you hold? Tell us about your experience of the RV Driving Test in the comments below. 😀


  1. I enjoyed your explanation of license requirements for a motorhome. I live I Pennsylvania and to operate a motorhome over 26001 GVW you need a Class B non commercial license. My wife and I purchased a 2017 Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA (32000 GVW ) and we took lessons and tests to upgrade our license from a Class C to Class B. When I tried to find information regarding this I found it very difficult. DMV was of very little help. Got a learners permit and had someone with an upgraded license with us at all times during the lessons. Basically the test is the same as a CDL ie. Pre trip, air brake and road test . We hired a company that
    specializes in RV safety and driving. It was a great help and we gained a
    great deal of confidence from the lessons. ope this helps.


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