Do You Need an RV Cover?

Let’s be honest – there are a lot of accessories to buy when you are an RV owner. At some point, you might get tired of paying for various accessories to add to your rig, and you may ask yourself, “Is all of this stuff necessary?” Well, that all depends on what you are buying. It is certainly true that many of the RV accessories on the market are completely optional, and not required to have a great time with family and friends on an RV trip. However, when it comes to an RV cover, you will need to think carefully before deciding to skip out on this important piece of the RV ownership puzzle.

These RV's Could Have Used a Cover!
These RV’s Could Have Used a Cover!

The financial investment you have made in your RV is significant. For that reason, you should be doing everything you can to protect the condition of the RV to preserve its value in the long run. For most people, that will mean purchasing an RV cover to place over the rig when it is not in use. Specially, covering your RV during the winter months is a great way to make sure that it is ready for you to use when spring and summer roll around.

Numerous Benefits, Little Downside

The only downside to speak of when it comes to an RV cover is cost – but even that point is minimal in the grand scheme of things. To purchase a quality RV cover, you could spend anywhere in the range of $200 – $600 or so depending on the size and model of your rig. When you compare that investment to the overall value of the RV, it becomes obvious that this is a worthwhile investment. When used regularly, a good RV cover should easily be able to pay for itself by protecting your RV against damage that would have to be repaired.

Useful in All Climates

When your RV is not in use, it should be covered. This basic rule of thumb applies in all climates, even if you live in a location with nice warm weather and little rain. UV rays can do damage to the exterior of your RV, so covering the rig in all conditions is your best bet for a long and hassle-free RV ownership experience. In addition to the weather, unwanted critters can make their way into your RV and do extensive damage if they are not blocked out by a properly-installed RV cover.

A Carport Isn’t Enough

Some RV owners have a carport-style structure on their properly specifically for the protection of their RV. This kind of open sided garage has some benefits, but it is not going to do the same job as an RV cover. Unless you have a fully-enclosed RV garage that can totally protect your rig from the elements, you will be better off buying a cover that you can use anytime the RV is going to be stored. Be sure to measure your RV carefully when ordering your cover to receive one that fits perfectly.

In the end, it will be worth your investment to add an RV cover to your collection of accessories. While not all RV accessories are necessary, this is one item that you should purchase as soon as possible.

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