Don’t Rent RV’s for Too Long

The business of renting RV’s is one that has rapidly developed in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why. After all, the concept is sound. Rather than purchasing an RV, you can simply rent the use of one when you need it, and return it at the end of your trip. You aren’t committed to a monthly loan payment, and you only have to spend money when you decide that you wish to take a trip.

Renting RV's Is Not a Great Long-Term Solution
Renting RV’s Is Not a Great Long-Term Solution

Keep in mind the old saying – ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’. If it was such a great deal to simply rent an RV, why are there thousands and thousands of RV owners all around the country? In reality, renting in RV might not be everything it seems to be upfront. That isn’t to say that there aren’t scenarios in which renting an RV makes sense, because it is a good option under certain circumstances. However, for most people who enjoy RV travel, purchasing a rig is going to be the best way to go.

Adds Up Quick

When you start to look into renting an RV for an upcoming trip, the initial price that you are quoted may look rather affordable – especially when you compare it to the cost of a nightly hotel room rental. Unfortunately, the initial quote often doesn’t include many other fees and expenses that can quickly add up. Much of the equipment that you may need during your trip may not be included in that first price, and you probably don’t already have that gear since you aren’t an RV owner. Also, many rental agreements have distance limitations in place, meaning you will have to pay extra if you wish to travel more than a set number of miles.

Don’t forget, beyond the cost of renting the RV, you are still going to need to pay a fee somewhere to camp during your trip. The cost of fuel is something that you will also need to consider, as an RV isn’t going to the same kind of gas mileage as you would get in your family car if you traveled to a hotel. Additionally, pet owners may need to pay another fee to be allowed to bring their dogs or cats along for the trip. When you start to do the math, that initial quote that you were provided can begin to snowball out of control in a hurry.

Best for a Test Drive

So if renting an RV can get so expensive, when is a good occasion to use this approach? When you are trying to decide if you wish to buy an RV. For those who haven’t done much (or any) RV camping, it would be a little risky to purchase a brand new RV and just assume that you will like the experience. Before you commit yourself to such a significant expense, try renting an RV for a short trip to make sure you have fun. If you return from your trip and find that you can’t wait to go again, it might be time to shop for a rig of your own.

If you are going to rent an RV more than once or twice a year, it will make more financial sense to simply purchase your own RV that you can resell sometime down the road if you wish. However, as a test drive of the RV lifestyle when you are just getting started, the rental route can be a sensible and cost-effective way to ensure that RV travel is everything you expected.

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