Driving in the Rain

There is nothing quite like a hard rain to make an otherwise easy drive seem like a major hassle. Driving any kind of vehicle in heavy rain is challenging, but navigating your RV through this kind of weather can be downright scary. How do you handle this challenge to make sure you come through it safely on the other side? You will need to have a good game plan, and understand a few basic pieces of information related to driving a large vehicle in wet conditions.


Driving Through the Rain Can Be an Intimidating Challenge
Driving Through the Rain Can Be an Intimidating Challenge

It’s All About Distance

It is going to take longer to stop your RV when you are driving in a hard rain. With that in mind, the first adjustment you need to make is to provide more distance between your RV and the car in front of you. No matter what kind of road you are on, increase your following distance so that you have plenty of time to break in case the car in front suddenly stops for some reason. In addition to the wet conditions limiting your braking power, your reaction time may also be delayed by the fact that you can’t see as well. When you add it all up, the importance of an increased following distance should be extremely clear.

Good Wipers

Before taking to the road on a rainy day in your RV, make sure your wiper blades are in good condition and are ready for the task of maintaining your visibility throughout the trip. If you are going on a long trip where you expect to encounter at least a little rain, consider packing away a spare set of wipers in case anything happens to the ones that are currently installed on the RV. Without good wipers, driving your RV in the rain will quickly become too dangerous to continue on. Also, when you stop for gas, make sure to give the wipers a quick wipe down if possible to clear any debris out of the way.

Be Smart With Standing Water

Never take any chances with standing water on the roadway, as it is impossible to know from your seat behind the wheel just how deep the water is, or how fast it is moving. This is good advice when driving any vehicle, but it is especially important with an RV. Your RV is significantly heavier than something like a sedan or even a pickup truck, meaning you will be running a big risk of getting stuck if you wind up in water that is just a bit too deep. Don’t let that happen to you. Discretion is the better part of valor, meaning it is always wise to play it safe and keep your RV out of the water while out on the roads.

Plenty of people are intimidated by the challenge of driving an RV under good condition, and even more people are put off by the idea of driving through the rain. As long as you practice smart driving habits and you keep your cool, you should be able to make it safely to your destination on a rainy day. Remember to always adapt to the conditions, play it safe instead of taking chances, and pay close attention to the road at all times. Travel safe!

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