6 Efficient Tips On Dumping Your Black Water Tank

Gone With the Wynns share their tips to dumping your Black Water Tank on your RV.

According to Veterans like Emily Fagan, the perfect tip for RV Dumping is ‘Do Not Spill’!
She also explains how dumping is an intrinsic part of every RVer’s life and how it brings an instant smile to his or her face! 
Dumping RV Waste Tank

Here are our six efficient tips to take care of when Dumping your RV tanks: 

  1. Wear Nitrile gloves and dispose them after usage
  2. Spray the bleach on all equipments used
  3. Always flush the black tank before the grey
  4. Be gentle and courteous to the people at the dump stations
  5. When done with the waste, hose down the vicinity with water, to provide a clean place for the next RVer
  6. Try a Composting Toilet.

Tell us about your own tips to efficiently use the dump station. 😀


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