Dutch Oven Bacon and Egg Pie – Easy Mountain Man Camp Breakfast

Check out this Easy Dutch Oven Breakfast Dish. Bacon and Egg Pie with some Smoked Sausage thrown in for good measure. This is another Great Mountain Main Style Breakfast. BBQ Pit Boys Recipe Kicked up a Notch.
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  1. Hello Scott partygoer here I used the Bacon & egg Pie dish with the chips and cheese. I also took a box grater and shredded up some potato"s and fried them up and mixed them up with the chips and cheese.

  2. Again, you never failed to get my appetite going in odd hours of the night. Looks so tasty. A WINNER!!
    Also, did we ever find out your name sir? Mr. Backwoods is the show-biz name. Care to tell us?

  3. Interesting recipe…would be a plus to cook just enough so the egg yolks are runny but appears to be a longer trial/error process. Likely only the difference of maybe 30 seconds less cooking time at some point.

  4. Hi
    I'm looking to buy Lodge dutch oven . But I'm not really sure which one to buy? I am torn between the 10 low profile 4 quart or the 8 quart dutch oven.
    I have four in my family. Which one do you recommend to start with.

  5. Hey bud! How's it going? Trying to catch up on yours vids. That looked awesome! I've been thinking of making something very similar but in my komodo grill. I was thinking of adding a layer of southern hash browns on the bottom. Do ya think maybe some parchment paper in the bottom might help with sticking? I did watch a few of your recent ones last night, but didn't make any comments. Still making me hungry!


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