Dutch Oven Camping Recipe – Banana Bread – GardenFork

Dutch Oven Camping Recipe – Banana Bread – GardenFork
Camping recipe that uses a dutch oven to bake a banana bread. Any banana bread recipe will work, make sure your loaf pan will fit into the dutch oven. How To …

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  1. thanks, love cast iron cooking, and outdoor cooking with cast iron is even better. going to do some fireplace cooking this winter for the show. thx, eric.

  2. our neighbors are hobby breeders of labradors, so most of our neighbors have Labs that are all related in some way. we get visits from several of them on the weekend. thx! eric.

  3. how do you do that outside when teh wind is blowing 70mph? I have to do it inside on the woodstove. so I guess I have to lift it off the stove with a trivet or a cake pan to provide air space and wood coals on the top.


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