Dutch Oven Shepherd’s Pie

Dutch Oven Shepherd’s Pie
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  1. That looks amazing!!! Can you brown the meat in the dutch oven first or is it better to just use a skillet, have yet to get a dutch oven yet.

  2. Hey Al! I'm one of them Dutch Oven guys to and have been for some time now. I use aluminum and cast iron. Found your channel recently and have been watching a few of your videos and like em! I have watched a lot of dutch oven videos just for the heck of because its an interest and you never know when you might learn something new…. I'm going to subscribe to your channel because I just like your style! Keep up the good work brother!

  3. Hello Al. That shepherd's pie looked very tasty. I love everything that went into the pot, so I know I'm a fan. Just subbed your channel and would appreciate you checking out my channel. I came over from the YouTube Cooks group.


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