Earn $10,000 to $30,000 a Year Renting Your RV

Renting out your RV is an excellent strategy for turning it into a profit-generating asset. While results vary depending on the type of RV and demand, earning $10,000 to $30,000 a year is entirely feasible and reasonable.

There are two main reasons why renting out an RV makes good sense: most RV owners don’t use their vehicles very often, and renting out an RV is an excellent way to generate an additional stream of income.

An RV is a substantial investment, as any RV owner knows. Even a used RV of decent quality doesn’t come cheap. If you’ve bought an RV, presumably you’ve already decided that the value of owning one is worth the price tag. Any value you derive in addition to the experience of going on vacation is an added bonus.

For most RV owners, their rig is unused ten or eleven months out of the year. Even people who take a lot of vacations are likely to not use their RVs for most of the year.

By renting out your RV, then, you can capture additional value from it during the weeks and months in which you weren’t planning to use it anyway. Instead of sitting at your house, your RV will be out earning you money.

This takes us to the second main reason for renting out an RV: the potential for a very profitable income stream. Renting out an RV is a good example of so-called passive income, income that is derived from assets that are rented, leased, or bought by other people, and which do not require additional effort from the owner.

The amount of revenue you can expect to derive from renting out your RV will depend to some degree on the make and model, as well as the general levels of demand. Newer models will tend to command higher prices in the rental market, just as they do when they are bought and sold. The number of people in the general region who want to rent an RV will also be a factor.

In general, however, it is entirely possible and indeed reasonable to expect to make $10,000 to $30,000 a year by renting out your RV. Generating this kind of revenue stream is best accomplished by going through an online rental marketplace like RVshare.com, the largest RV rental marketplace of all.

Although some people do try to rent out their RVs on their own, there are a number of advantages to going through an online broker. For one thing, an online rental marketplace will do all of the actual work of marketing your RV and finding clients. At the same time, with peer-to-peer rental marketplaces like RVshare.com you will have full discretion over whom you allow to rent your RV.

Second, the great advantage of going through a rental marketplace is the reach. Sites like RVshare.com rent to people across the country. An income of $10,000 to $30,000 a year is entirely possible when your RV is being marketed to would-be renters across the country.

User reviews from RV owners on sites like RVshare.com describe the experience of renting out an RV as very rewarding and profitable. Dianna of Tucson, Arizona made about $10,000 from a mere 12 rentals through RVshare.com. She describes her renters as “very nice” and “real upstanding citizens”, and views renting out her RV as the “best decision I ever made”.

Dianna is not alone. Susanne of Waukesha, Wisconsin made $12,200 in 2015, from a mere 10 rentals. She reports she’s already made $7,300 in 2016, and says the money and the people she has met are the biggest benefits of the experience. She describes the RVshare team as hard-working, dedicated to taking care of any issues, and genuinely caring.

With the right vehicle and a bit of perseverance, the rewards of renting out your RV can be tremendous. Denton of Delaware, Ohio reports earning close to $68,000 from “about a dozen” rentals, including one rental which lasted for an entire month. He describes the cash flow and meeting people from all over the Midwest as the most important benefits he has derived from his experience on RVshare.com.

The process of renting out your RV on a site like RVshare.com is simple. Owners create accounts on the site, which they use to post their listings and receive payments through the site. Indeed, one additional advantage of going through an RV rental marketplace is not having to worry about collecting fees and deposits.

Once your RV has been listed, you can correspond with potential renters through the site. Decide who you want to rent to and for what periods of time, and then meet the renter when they come to pick up the vehicle.

The biggest concern many RV owners who are thinking about renting for the first time have is handing over their vehicle to someone they don’t know. It’s perfectly natural to have concerns about how one’s vehicle will be treated, but there are a couple of very important things to keep in mind: the role of deposits, and the reported experiences of many RV owners.

On sites like RVshare.com, the site collects a deposit from the renter to cover damages to, or messes made in, the vehicle. They also help with insurance, to ensure your vehicle is covered against damages.

The testimonies of RV owners, however, indicate that the people they rent to are a pleasure. Rebecca of Poulsbo, Washington reports enjoying the experience of meeting the people who have rented her RV, and now considers them to be her friends. “They send me pictures and are so appreciative,” she says.

Between the extra income and the friendly people, the rewards of renting out one’s RV are considerable. If you’re looking to turn your RV into a profit-generating asset, online rental marketplaces like RVshare.com are a great place to start. Responsive, professional support teams are on hand to answer your questions and help you.

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