EASY QUICK FIX CAMPING RECIPES Deer Camp Chili and Porked Out Pork n Beans

EASY QUICK FIX CAMPING RECIPES Deer Camp Chili and Porked Out Pork n Beans
Sharing a quick and easy way to make a simple chili and my favorite way to doctor up a can of beans. On my channel you will find videos pertaining to …

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  • Holy Cow I was only gonna use one word "Fantastic" but I could talk a leg of a wooden Indian. My wife likes my cooking but doesn't understand my recipe. They're kinda like yours . . . Ha ha ha . . . a little bit of this and some of that and it comes out pretty good. Ciao my friend. . .C-ya next week the Good Lord willin.

  • Aaah! What are you doing g to me?? I have never been into chilli. But this looks so good I just HAVE to try it!
    I was always told that American baked beans were different to what we get in the UK (the story is they sent us Haricot beans in tomato sauce as a food supply in WW2 by Heinz- up until then they had been grown only as animal feed and it became part of our diet 'sold' to the kids as "Cowboy food"!) But yours looked exactly the same! I like them as part of a fried breakfast or, revisit my childhood, on their own on toast.

    I know you are putting them on line for free but for those that DO like a paper book you could set up a "The Boss's Press" as print-on-demand. They take the order, print and ship. No stock unless you ask for it to be sent to you for direct marketing. Just a thought.
    Time to cook my dinner…pork stir fry with noodles. "Hot wokin' tonight!"
    Regards Laurie

  • Hey Boss, I just used your chili recipe and it was a BIG hit with the wife and daughter! I made some changes though. I had no Venison available so I used 93% lean ground beef, and I also added a can of kernel corn which I always use in my chili. What was different about your recipe from what I have done in the past, was adding the Salsa, the black beans, chopping up an onion, and the regular old baked beans. Also I use tortilla chips not corn bread but I'd love to try the latter A major hit and the wife is already wanting to make more! If you have never tried it, I recommend adding the kernel corn to the mix.

  • When I was a kid my parents purchased a cabin/cottage/shack right on the Delaware Bay in NJ. It was a very isolated town known as East Point, at the mouth of the Maurice River. There was and still is an old Lighthouse there that was built in the 1840s. The "town" was about 30-50 houses past the lighthouse right on the bay. There were zero utilities there. No one had electricity. There was only one telephone in town and only two people had water wells but they shared their water with all. We had kerosene lamps, a kerosene stove, and a kerosene heater. Anyway some of my fondest memories were when my Dad and I would go down there in the winter to check on the house. I still remember there were blocks of ice big enough to park a car on floating around on the bay, which was the reason we had to rebuild our pier almost every year. Anyway my Dad would make pork and beans for us, cooked right in the can with some hot dogs added. These were some of the most memorable meals I ever had! My Dad died in 1964 at the age of 40.

  • Heading to the kitchen to make some chili! Thanks for the simple recipe. BTW we stretch the food budget by having our chili over rice with some fresh grated cheese on it and a dab of sour cream. Give it try if you haven't already.

  • Hey Bossman! Tell you what, I’ll try the baked beans in my chili if you try some diced potatoes. It’s amazing!! We make it simple and use frozen hashed potatoes but a large diced potato is awesome!
    Also, throw some mustard into your beans sometime. I like all kinds but my wife, who doesn’t like mustard, prefers the plain yellow. I’ll have to try the sausage. I’ve never done that before.
    Loving all the videos lately! Can’t wait till time allows for some trapping vids 😉

  • when I was a younger man, I'd put a can of baked beans in a pot, chilli mix then cheddar on top and crushed Doritos on top. I only had one pot, one spoon and a coffee cup, so I learned to improvise. Hard to beat baked beans with sweet onions between two slices of bread with a little mayo.

  • Hi Boss and Frankie. Cooking video is great. Cabin video is great. Outdoor videos also great. Hint hint. Forget nay-sayers they always appear in compost. Lol. Many smiles thanks. :~)

  • Always doctor up baked beans, especially since moving from Ohio to Danmark, their idea of baked beans in a can here is beans with watery tomato sauce and nothing else lol.

  • Hey boss hi I stayed home since u inspired me to cook and have been for long time I ground Thai peppers today boy food processor beautiful got about two pounds thanks for ure inspiration of doing the cooking thing and being a part of my life I love waking up on Sunday too watch u're vlogs can't wait good bless u and u're family on the mountain !!

  • You should try canning you own beans. This way you can control the things in it. It’s so easy to do too. It’s kind of mind blowing too actually. I even have 2 bean pots my mother gave me 20 years ago. You can do them on the cheap in your wood stove. Buying beans raw is cheaper than the canned stuff off the shelf and way better for you too. You could can your venison chillie recipe and have it on the shelf ready all the time. 🥰 to you both and the 8 paws!