Effective Strategies for Fixing Your Leaking RV Toilet

Dealing with a leaky toilet isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time – especially when it happens in your RV. Just like when your toilet begins to leak at home, you will want to deal with this problem as soon as possible so that you can get back to life as usual. Your toilet is an essential part of day to day life, and not using it for an extended period of time simply isn’t an option.

When you notice a leak coming from your RV toilet, investigate the problem until you are able to determine the root cause of the issue. Even a small leak can turn into a big problem over time, so don’t ignore the issue simply because there isn’t much water leaking yet. It isn’t going to fix itself, so any leak is one worth trying to get corrected.

Check the Seal First

One of the main differences between your toilet at home and the toilet in your RV is that your RV toilet has a rubber seal to help keep water in the bowl. It is important to have water in the bowl of your toilet so you can prevent odors from working their way up from the sewer tank and into the cabin of the RV. However, if your rubber seal begins to dry out over time, you may find that the water is leaking past the seal and draining the bowl. When this happens, you could see your bowl water disappear within a matter of minutes – even if no one has used the toilet.

If your rubber seal is still in decent condition, you can try using Vaseline as a way to prevent the seal from drying out further. Assuming you only have a small leak at this point in time, the Vaseline treatment may be enough to stop the leak and provide your toilet with many more months (or years) of faithful service. Make it a habit to apply the Vaseline on a periodic basis to prevent your leak from returning prematurely.

Delaying the Inevitable

No matter how well you care for the rubber seal in your toilet, it is going to wear out at some point. Over time, the rubber will simply start to dry up and you will have to replace the seal if you wish to keep using the toilet. Fortunately, replacing the seal is a job that most RV owners can handle without the help of a professional. If you decide to take on this job by yourself, be sure to buy a seal that matches your model of RV, and follow the instructions carefully for installation. While it is not an extremely complicated job, there still are a number of steps that need to be followed properly. Once in place, your new rubber seal should allow you to go back to using your toilet regularly without the worry of a pesky leak draining the bowl.

Other Issues

Most of the time, a leaky seal can be dealt with by the RV owner. However, if you have a more serious problem that is leading to a leak, you might need to call in the help of a professional. Unless you have an advanced knowledge of RV toilets, the repairs required to stop a leak from anything other than the seal are probably going to be out of your comfort zone.

Of course, there is one solution that could get rid of a complicated leak – replace the whole toilet. You might be surprised to find that RV toilets aren’t particularly expensive, especially when compared to the cost of hiring a repairman and buying parts to fix your existing unit. If the repairs are going to run well into the hundreds of dollars, it is certainly worth your time to look into purchasing a new toilet for the RV.

You don’t need to panic when you find that you have a leak in your RV toilet. While it certainly isn’t the kind of thing that you would like to deal with during a vacation, a leaky toilet is often an easy fix. Take a careful look at the toilet to identify the problem, and act quickly to get it fixed so you can return to using your RV as it was intended.


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