Ep. 71: Steamboat Springs and Laramie | Colorado & Wyoming RV travel camping

Ep. 71: Steamboat Springs and Laramie | Colorado & Wyoming RV travel camping
Summer of 2018 was the Summer of the Wildfires across the American West. In Episode 71 we head for Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where we camp on the …

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  • There sure are not very many ugly areas in Colorado.  I looked up the Silver Creek fire and it peaked at 20,120 acres but it is now 100% contained.  Those storms a few weeks ago probably helped. You did a great job on the prison tour making it look like an interesting place to stop and check out. 

    I look forward to the Jackson video.  I attempted to get a motel room there one summer night when passing through but nothing was available.  Continuing north about 7 miles out of town, I came across the Gros Ventre Forest campground.  It was dark about 10 PM and I got what looked like the last spot and set up my tent for the night.  That morning after it was light, I crawled out the tent door and was met with a totally unexpected spectacular view of the Grand Tetons.  What a great surprise. 

    You mentioned in the chat comments that you are in the Lake Havasu area.  Are you camped out on BLM land?  There are a couple of areas north of town that are popular but not my favorites.  First is Graggy Wash with the entrance road along the north edge of the airport.  Spots are crowded in a narrow sandy wash.  The other spot is called Lone Tree about another two miles or so to the north.  It is a big open area on the east side of the road.  It is better but it can be crowded and is open.  A nicer place is Standard Wash at MP 174 a few miles south of town.  It too can get full.  There is a BLM office on the south end of town for additional information. 

    Are you continuing on to Quartzsite?  From what I read, the winter folks are starting to pour in.  However there is so much BLM land in the area, there should not be any problem finding a somewhat private spot.  Your solar panels will do great.

  • With all the floaters I have in my eyes, it all just blends together. Keep making videos buddy. Maybe you can find a quality camera shop to tear it down and clean it. Beautiful video. Thanks.

  • So pleased you didn’t throw away your film footage , the sky must have been amazing at the springs and I’m really surprised you can go when it’s lights out , found the Wyoming prison really great to look around particularly the reference to Butch Cassidy so much history in one place ! The prison must get really busy especially with a 5 dollar entrance , great film Marc thankyou for sharing G&Z

  • That's so awesome your campsite I've boondocked in that same exact location! New subscriber here just enjoying the Colorado and videos that's where I live too!