Ep 97 | This is Disneyland, RV Road Trip USA, Route 66, RV Nutshell

Ep 97 | This is Disneyland, RV Road Trip USA, Route 66, RV Nutshell
Plenty of Route 66 icons on this stretch. We constantly felt like we were in Disneyland! We leave Texas behind and make our way to Albuquerque and a thirst …

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  • I wouldn't mind if you make the beer reviews separate posts. I was sharing the euphoria of the road trip, even went to full screen. Then came the letdowns with the beer reviews. I'd rather the travel videos not end on a "sour note". Hopefully you'll have better beer experiences in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

  • When you were in Santa Fe it really did look like you could have been at Universal Studio in Ca. I am so glad to see a fun part of our history has been so well preserved except for the road itself. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  • New Mexico is a fairly low income state, great place but the locals struggle … most likely why not as much signage for the Rt 66 thing. …PS should have tried the oatmeal stout …

  • Once again an outstanding segment across the highways and byways of mid-America! So many great old motels and eating establishments, can you imagine how difficult it must have been for the weary traveler choose one! Lastly, I loved your reviews at the Marble Brewing Co. The fact that you were talking in hushed voices made me believe that the owners were standing near by in hopes of hearing a "10" pass across your lips! Good show kids!

  • still much enjoy. The red burma shave signs around 30 seconds in sure take me back. they were advertising rhymes over six signs with verses like, No matter / How you slice it / It's still your face / Be humane / Use / Burma-Shave. as a tank sorry about the beers. it seems they are trying anything and hoping a big beer company buys the recipes. love M' taste in cars we used to drive a 67 Olds delmont 88.

  • If you want to drink proper beer.. soon as you get back on the boat, head for the west coast of Ireland. I would like to see Wendy describe Guinness after six pints…

  • Another great video of Route 66! I really enjoyed your reactions to all the old buildings and cars – I think they are exactly the same as what I would do ๐Ÿ™‚ So fun!

  • You guys are brilliant! You just enjoy everything you see…personally you can keep that dry western country, now that you have passed the mid-point of 66 I am hoping the country will change, I can hear W saying "gorgeous" and i am here typing, need to look! Thank God you found some decent beer in Alburquerque oh dear I think that's wrong. Never mind I copied yours. Happy travels Guys I hope you hit some green country soon. Cheers.

  • A lot of Sante Fe style buildings in Sante Fe – who-da thought… I was expecting something more with a great name like the Midpoint Cafe, our local Dairy Queen is bigger than that. The well maintained midpoint line itself is pretty neat.