11 Tips To Begin Roadschooling Or RV Homeschooling NOW

The root of the word School- scholē, is ‘leisure or that in which leisure is employed’.

According to Jennifer Miller, Homeschooling is not a new idea to RVers, but it is the most natural way for Full Time RVers to educate their kids.

RV Homeschooling is a great idea to educate your kids. 

RV Homeschooling

10 Tips to Start RV Homeschooling (roadschooling):

  1. Research and prepare a foolproof syllabus for a short term.
  2. Improvise your syllabus with respect to how specifically your children can benefit or learn from it.
  3. No Hard and Fast Rules
  4. Learn while you teach your children.
  5. Make sure you periodically camp with other kids and provide peer education for your kids.
  6. Set up convenient equivalents of Grades (like Primary, Upper Primary, Middle, High, Senior, University)
  7. Learn theory through practice
  8. Gift a Blog to your kids and keep journals of your teaching activities
  9. Make it necessary to learn at least one new skill every year
  10. Have flexible school hours

Here’s an inspirational anecdote from veteran RVers with their roadschooled family tactics- from 101 Full Time RVer Family


Start your preparations to roadschool or RV Homeschool your children right now! Tell us all about it in the comments below :D.

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