Exploring the State of Washington by RV

While people in many parts of the country might think of Washington as a state that is stuck way off in the Northwest corner, there are actually plenty of reasons to pack of the RV and head to the Evergreen State. From Mount Rainier and Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains and the Pacific Coast, great attractions fill this beautiful part of the country. If you have never been to the state of Washington with your RV, now might be the time to plan a trip.

Mount Rainier is Just One of Many Great Sights in Washington State
Mount Rainier is Just One of Many Great Sights in Washington State

Mount Rainier is the Headliner

It can be difficult to narrow down the list of destinations that you wish to visit when you come to Washington, but one spot is non-negotiable – Mount Rainier. One of the tallest mountains in the United States, Mount Rainier and the surrounding Mount Rainier National Park is a must-see. If you are visiting in the summer, you should be able to drive throughout the park without having to worry about closures due to snow (your RV may not fit on all roads, however, so check ahead). While you are in the mood for visiting mountains, the famous Mount St. Helens is only a short drive south from Mount Rainier. Although St. Helens blew its top in the ‘80’s, there is still plenty of great scenery to be enjoyed there as well.

The Olympics are Underrated

The Cascade Range may be the more recognized of the two (in part because it contains Mount Rainier), but the Olympic Range is certainly worthy of a visit as well. The Olympics are located on the Olympic Peninsula, which has plenty to do and see besides visiting the mountains. You can take a trip out to the Pacific Ocean coastline, stop by Port Angeles along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, or check out small towns like Port Townsend and Port Ludlow a little bit to the east.

See the Big City

You aren’t going to want to spend much time trying to drive your RV in and around Seattle itself, but a day trip into the city by car may be something to consider. If you enjoy the attractions that most big cities have to offer – shows, restaurants, museums, etc. – you will love Seattle. One of the prettiest big cities in the country, Seattle is located on the shores of Puget Sound. Some specific sights worth seeing in and around the city include the Space Needle, the University of Washington campus, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the Pike Place Market.

Recreation Abounds in Eastern Washington

For all intents and purposes, Western and Eastern Washington may as well be two different states. Where Western Washington is green and often damp, Eastern Washington is typically brown and dry. Hot weather reins for most of the summer in Eastern Washington, yet there are plenty of recreational activities to be enjoyed. Fishing, hiking, golf, camping, boating, and more can all be found in various spots around the eastern half of the state.

Once you start to do a little research into a potential RV trip to Washington State, you will quickly realize how many options you have available to you. In fact, one trip to the Evergreen State is almost certainly not going to be enough to see everything on your list. That’s okay, though, because as soon as the first trip is over you will be looking forward to planning another!

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