Fencing Around The RV For Fulltime RVers

With most RV Parks and campsites providing space for setting up a tent or picketing in front of the RV, fencing around is easy. Fences can protect your pets as well as kids, apart from keeping the trespassers away. So take a look at our expert tips to make fencing around your RV.

So take a look at our expert tips to make fencing around your RV.

So take a look at these expert tips to fence around the RV

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jack15324 on Fencing Around the RV with a Gate Playard

  1. Unfold the 6-panel set that includes the notched panel for under the steps.
  2. Tell the wife NOT to come out of the camper for a few minutes.
  3. Fold the steps away, and position the notch under the steps and secure the top of the notch to the step frame with one of the bungy cords.
  4. Lower the steps. (It’s now safe to call the wife out of the camper.)
  5. Secure the panels at the camper wheels using another bungy cord.
  6. Open the 2nd 6-panel sets and create a 90-degree corner between the 3rd and 4th panels.
  7. Connect one end of the panels to the panels that you secured to the camper.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 and connect the 3rd panel set to the free ends, completing the dog yard.

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RV Dreams on Types of Fencing To Keep Around an RV

  • Toddler Fence- small fencing pens (6′ X 6′) for dogs & kids but have seen the entire campsite type fencing many times in several different RV Resorts.
  • Each park has it’s own rules about fencing. Many will allow the small, “playpen” sized set ups, but most I’ve seen would not allow fencing that much of the lot area — if there is grass it would make it very difficult to maintain.

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A portable fence is an ideal option if you love the quietness of your destination.  Making your own DIY Fence is also an excellent option to protect the front or back of the RV.

The most important rule when putting up a barricade around the RV is to set it up at an adequate height with respect to your pet or kid.


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