Five Practical Uses for Retired Campers

As you peruse the sleek, new campers on the market, you might feel discouraged that your recreational vehicle won’t net much in resale value. No matter how well you’ve taken care of your home on wheels, it’s hard to compete with RV technologies that have become standard – and more affordable – over the past two decades. If you find that unloading a retired RV won’t bring much monetary satisfaction, try repurposing this versatile asset instead.

Guest Cottage

You may have noticed an upswing in owner-offered accommodation networks. Used campers can function as moneymaking guest cottages when marketed correctly. Decorating the interior of the RV as a cozy getaway, stocking the cupboards with quality amenities, and positioning the vehicle for your guests’ privacy will earn favorable reviews online and via word of mouth. Your guest cottage can double as a spare bedroom when your own friends and family come to town.

Home Office or Study

Most homes have need of an office or study of some description, but too often they are plunked in the middle of household traffic, wedged into a corner, or taking up space in a multipurpose room. Retired campers are the perfect place to relocate the home office or study, as they provide ample storage, privacy, and close proximity to electricity, Internet, and running water sources. Whether used for working from home, regular household filing and accounting, or a space for kids to do their homework, reimagining your RV as a home office or study will allow you to reclaim your living space.

Rec Room

Speaking of kids: Just like they need a place to study, they need a place to play and entertain their friends. Depending on the needs of your family and the size of the vehicle, removing some of the built-ins can open up the floor plan to house toys, entertainment centers, or even air hockey! Rec rooms on wheels can also double as mudrooms after particularly grubby play. Rehabbed RVs serve as the perfect rainy-day room for any age group.

Food Truck/Fundraising Stand

Even if you have never dreamed of starting your own food truck, according to, “By 2017 food trucks will generate about $2.7 billion in revenue,” a 400% increase from the National Restaurant Association’s 2012 numbers. Modifying and marketing your RV as a food truck might catch the attention of more chefs than nature enthusiasts. Donating your vehicle to a local school or nonprofit for use as a fundraising stand could net you some tax breaks.

Enriched Environment for Wildlife

If you own an RV, you’re most likely a fan of nature. If you’d like to see more wildlife in your own backyard, the possibilities for used campers are endless. From enriched environments for your household pets to shelter for undomesticated creatures, converted campers can serve as chicken coops, terrariums, bee colonies, or a watering spot for larger animals. Be sure to check any zoning or neighborhood restrictions if you opt for this alternative. Your mileage may vary.

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