Five Questions to Ask Your Family When Planning a Trip

When you are getting ready to take a family RV trip, it is easy to fall into the trap of planning the whole thing yourself. You only want what is best for your family, and you think you know exactly what will make for a great trip. While your intentions are good, the results of this method can sometimes fall a little short of your expectations.

Plan Your Family RV Trips Together
Plan Your Family RV Trips Together

By planning the trip by yourself, you are assuming you know what your family wants to do. While you might be right, it is better to simply ask for input so you can then plan a trip that everyone will enjoy. Following are five questions you can use to help plan the perfect family RV vacation.

#1 – When should we go?

To start with, don’t assume that the specific week you have in mind is the best choice for everyone in the family. Sit down with the whole family and go over schedules for the summer (or whenever you are going). While it might not be possible to find a time that is perfect for everyone, you should be able to pick out a week that will have the least impact on normal day to day life.

#2 – What activities sound like fun?

Different destinations cater to different activities, so it is a good idea to ask everyone what they want to do during the trip. Are the kids looking forward to riding their bikes? Maybe they are interested in trying some fishing? Whatever happens to pique their interest, look for destinations that will make those activities possible.

#3 – How far should we travel?

While some kids don’t like to stay on the road for long periods of time, others enjoy the prospect of a long adventure across the country. Ask the family how far they would like to drive, and how much time they would like to have at the campsite. Obviously, the longer you drive, the fewer nights you will be able to stay at your destination.

#4 – Take a vote

If you have your list of potential destinations down to a select few, consider presenting them all to the family so there can be some discussion as to the final selection. If your family is big enough, you could even have a vote to decide the winner. Make sure everyone’s input is heard and considered equally to avoid conflict.

#5 – What does everyone want to take?

Even if you have a large RV, you might find that you start to run out of room once you load everything into the rig. Ask ahead of time to learn what everyone wants to take with them on the trip so you can plan out your packing accordingly. You may not be able to successfully get everything into the trailer or motorhome, you will be able to do your best to accommodate each individual’s wishes.

A family RV vacation should be one of the highlights of your year, so plan carefully – and plan ahead – to make it the best experience that it can be.

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