For and Against – The Long RV Road Trip

As an RV owner, you certainly love taking your rig to various locations for relaxing days and nights away from home. But how far is too far to travel? Do you limit your trips to destinations within a few hours from home, or maybe a few hundred miles? Obviously, if you are willing to travel further, you will open up more possibilities in terms of destinations. However, driving farther means more of your vacation time is spent out on the road.

So which is it? Will you limit yourself to sticking close to home in exchange for more time at the campsite? Or are you up for trips of 1,000 miles and more if it means being able to visit locations you have on your to-do list. Following is the case both for and against the long RV road trip.

Do You Love the Open Road?
Do You Love the Open Road?

The Case for a Long RV Road Trip

One of the great aspects of being an RV owner is the freedom that your vehicle provides. Instead of having to check in to hotel after hotel if you want to take a long road trip, you simply take your hotel room with you. This convenience is hard to beat, and it certainly makes the prospect of a long road trip far more inviting. Also, many people come to love the open road and the feeling of adventure that comes along with being on the road for many hundreds of miles. Once you take a single long road trip across several states, you will likely find yourself anxious to plan another trip of similar length.

Beyond the love of the open road, it is the opportunity to see new sights and experience new places that encourages most RV owners to set off on a long trip. There is only so much to do and see within a short drive of your home, so you will need to embrace the idea of a long drive if you want to expand your horizons. Take a look at a map and notice all of the great potential destinations that could be reached if you were willing to drive for a couple of days – that may be all the encouragement you need to plan your first long road trip in the RV.

The Case against a Long RV Road Trip

Vacation time is hard to come by for most people. If you work a typically Monday – Friday job like most Americans, you are probably limited to a set number of days per year that you can use for vacation. Each of those days are valuable, so why waste any of them simply driving to a destination? If you pick a campsite that is within a few hours of your home, you can reach your destination quickly and begin enjoying your trip right away. Assuming you only have a limited number of days to spend in your RV each year, staying close to home to maximize your time is the best choice.

Of course, you don’t have to pick one or the other in this debate. You can certainly take both long and short road trips, and that is probably what you will wind up doing during your time as an RV owner. When time is a factor, pick a site near to home and enjoy as many relaxing hours as possible. When your schedule opens up, consider taking a longer trip to explore the countryside and see new sights. All of these options are on the table because of the versatility and convenience that RV’s have to offer.

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