For and Against – Traveling on a Holiday Weekend

One of the age old debates in RV travel is whether or not it is a good idea to book a trip on a busy holiday weekend. Certain weekends, such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, tend to be quite busy with RV travelers taking advantage of their time off of work in order to get away for a few days. There are certainly good points to be made both in favor and against this idea, so let’s look at the topic a little closer. Hopefully, some of the points below will help you make your own decision as you are planning your upcoming vacations.

You don't want this to be the way you spend a large part of your vacation.
You don’t want this to be the way you spend a large part of your vacation.

The Case for Holiday Weekends

The best argument in favor of traveling on the holiday weekends is simply the fact that you probably have some time off of work. Even if you just have one additional day, along with the regular weekend, you will have enough time for a quick trip. Also, you could choose to take one or two additional days away from the office to make it a longer vacation. Time off work is hard to come by for most people, so using these days when they do come around is a smart choice.

Also, there will be a lot of other people at the campgrounds on holiday weekends, which you may enjoy if you are the type who likes to socialize with others around the campsite. This is a personal preference matter, so this point could easily slide into the ‘against’ category if you go camping in search of peace and quiet. With others around, you may meet new friends who become RV travel companions later on in life, and you may learn of other RV destinations to consider just by talking casually with other campers.

The Case Against Holiday Weekends

Where to begin? There is a long list of reasons why it may be better to simply stay home on a holiday weekend rather than braving the crowds in search of a campsite. To start, let’s discuss the traffic. If you are unable to get out of town early for the holiday weekend, you will likely be stuck in traffic with everyone else trying to take a trip. Mountain passes and smaller highways routinely get clogged on the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, so you can expect to spend much of your time simply staring at the bumper of the car in front of you.

Once you arrive at the campground, you are likely to find those crowds mentioned above. Also, it may be difficult to get a spot, and you could have to visit several campgrounds if you didn’t plan ahead enough to make reservations. Any activities that you want to engage in during your trip will also be overcrowded, and prices may have been increased due to demand. When the time does come to head home, you will have to deal with that same traffic all over again.

All in all, most RV owners will probably choose to avoid the roads on the holiday weekends, instead picking out less-busy times during which to take trips. While it isn’t impossible to have fun on a holiday weekend away, the challenge of dealing with the crowds might ruin the relaxing nature of RV travel.

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