Four Keys for Selecting a Great Campground

In owning an RV, you are opening yourself up to a whole world of experiences that you may not have otherwise enjoyed. There are countless campgrounds all around the United States and beyond that offer access to incredible scenery, great recreational opportunities, and more. Traveling by RV makes it easier to stay in these locations for an extended period of time so that you can see all they have to offer without having to sleep on the ground.

Picking the Right Campground Can Lead to a Great Trip
Picking the Right Campground Can Lead to a Great Trip

Picking the right campground is a key to any successful RV vacation. Before you head out on your next trip, consider the four tips to make sure you select the perfect campground for you and your family.

  1. It’s All About the Location

In real estate, location is king. The same holds true for RV travel. While it is easy to be wowed by the amenities that a particular RV campground has to offer, in the end, it is all about location. By finding a place to park your RV that provides you with access to things you want to do and see, your trip will be off to a great start. On the other hand, staying at a well-appointed RV campground in the middle of nowhere might be nice at first, but you will likely grow bored with the experience. Above all else, make finding a campground in a great location your top priority.

  1. Make Your Life Easy

There are a number of basic services to look for when booking a campground site for your RV vacation. Ideally, you would like to have full hookups, including water and electricity, along with sewer. At the least, you would like to have a partial hookup of at least water and electricity (you can drain your sewer tanks later). Of course, these amenities will not always be available, so it is important to be flexible in order to get the location you desire. For example, campgrounds inside National Parks often lack some of the amenities found in a private campground.

  1. Consider the Kids

If you are bringing children along on your vacation, make sure there will be plenty of opportunities around the campground for them to have fun during your stay. Plenty of people travel with little kids, so many campgrounds have added things like playgrounds and swimming pools to become more family friendly. Having even one or two kid-friendly amenities on the property can make your trip more enjoyable as you won’t have to drive every time you want to let the kids play.

  1. Prices Matter

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the campsite in the planning of your trip. Most RV campgrounds don’t charge a particularly high nightly rate, but it is still worth your time to look into the rates at available campgrounds until you find the best deal. Private campgrounds tend to be more expensive than those on public land, but the spots on public land often book up quickly. Planning your trip well in advance can save you money in this regard, because you will have a better change of securing a site for a good rate.

You can have fun in an RV staying in a wide-variety of locations, but your trip will be made even better when you pick out a great RV campground or resort. Use the vast resource of information that is the internet to locate a list of possible options for your next trip, and narrow them down based on the points above. It shouldn’t take long for you to select your ideal campground and book your trip. You will be hitting the road before you know it!

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