Four Reasons Why an RV is better than a Motel

There are plenty of places to find a bed when you are travelling. Obviously this site is dedicated to RV’s, but motels, hotels, cabins, resorts, and more are all viable travel options. Certainly, each of these accommodations has their own pros and cons, and all of them cater to a different crowd. Depending on what kind of travel you like to do, and where you like to go, you may have your own opinion about which is best.


Staying in an RV Beats a Motel Almost Every Time
Staying in an RV Beats a Motel Almost Every Time

In this article, we are going to look at four reasons why staying in an RV is better than spending the night in a motel.

#1 – It’s Your Own Bed

No matter how comfortable the bed in a given motel may be, it is still not your own bed. When you buy an RV for your own personal use, you will get just as comfortable in the RV bed as the bed that you have in your full-time home. Many people can never fully relax and get a great night’s sleep in a motel bed, but you shouldn’t have that problem at all when sleeping in your RV.

#2 – No Noisy Neighbors

Okay – so that actually isn’t a guarantee, because the people in the next RV over at the campsite could be noisy. However, you won’t be sharing a wall with them, and you won’t have them on the floor above you like is possible in a motel. By and large, you will get more peace and quiet in your RV than you will ever find at the average motel.

#3 – Great Locations

Most RV campsites are in beautiful locations near plenty of things to do or see. On the other hand, many motels are simply alongside the freeway for easy access on and off. If you are able to find a nice place to park your RV for the night, you could wake up to a beautiful view of a lake or even the ocean. Not many motels can offer that, and the ones that do will charge a significant price to allow you to enjoy the vista.

#4 – You Can Own Your RV

No matter how many nights you stay in a motel, you won’t be getting any of that money back. Each night that you pay for is simply money that is gone for good, and that cost can start to add up in a hurry. Of course, you will have to pay a nightly rate at most of the places where you camp your RV, but those rates pale in comparison to a motel fee. As far as the cost of your RV itself goes, you can resell the rig when you are done with it and recoup some of the money that was spend along the way.

There is a time and a place where staying a motel makes a lot of sense. However, for the most part, spending a night in your RV is going to be a much more enjoyable experience.

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