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Free & Cheap RV Camping Options
We enjoy free (and cheap) camping not just because it saves us money, but sometimes… it’s priceless. In this video chat we’ll explore: the joys of free camping, …

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  1. Thanks for the information, so valuable!! love your videos!!! i have an unrelated question; in all your travels, have you guys encounter alot/any UFO activity?? any area to avoid? im getting ready to go full time and rather stay clear of that activity lol thanks ??

  2. In process of buying a rv. Having a bit of buyers remorse cause not sure of the expenses'. but after watching this not quite as nervous. Not retired yet or quite 62 but found a lot the info very informative. Thanks.

  3. Great video!! We are going full time in Jan with our family of 4 and 2 dogs. This video was full of so much useful info. Thank you for sharing the info. We are defiantly doing this for the adventure and long to get out in nature more than the comfort of rv parks so all you share was super helpful. Thanks for sharing the inside secrets so we can also enjoy rv living.

  4. Leave it cleaner is a good concept…took a class on a field trip to collect and categorize what they found on the beach school trip….most of what was found was plastic, metal rings, and cigarette filters. parents were amazed at the trash their children came back to school with to show…it was a larger display then the shell identification display…good reminder..leave it cleaner.

  5. You guys have a great channel and website with great info based on experience, well done! I would much rather buy an older RV or bus with a sound foundation and renovate it. Or buy one already done. What limitations have you encountered with the bus? Has the size prevented you from visiting a lot of state and national parks, etc.? The best size with the least limitations is what we are after. It seems 30 feet would be the least for us after checking out several kinds of Class A, 5th wheel, Airstream, for space and comfort. Thanks for any advice.

  6. It seems the questions have slowed to some extent, so I thought I'd add one here, after watching this segment…and thank you by the way, for doing these video's, as they are very informative, for others like ourselves, whom are new to 'retirement' and thinking of getting a motorhome and doing some extended trips, including boon docking for some period.   So, my question has to do with the lower cost for seniors, or those over 62 years old.   That being, is that cost saving for US citizens only?   I ask, as we are Canadian, and we're within the 'senior' category, but wonder if there are savings to be found for us as well?   Currently, in nearing the end of 2017, our $$ are substantially less, to where $130.00 U.S. is only $100.00 Canadian, so costs are considerably more for us to start with, so finding 'savings' is even that much more important!   Being at a 30% disadvantage $ wise, makes it even more important in finding many of the savings you talk about here, so again, your video's are excellent information for Canadians in general.   These days, with escalating costs associated with just living, we're all needing to find what you're providing, so thanks!

  7. Id like to hear what is on the East Coast from anyone out there north of Florida up to Massachusetts. Tennessee, Kentucky, West Va, anyone been to them? Thanks

  8. I am a Canadian who is looking ahead to a retiring to a full-time van life and adventure. I am really excited to have watched your video and learned that there are affordable options even for Canadians travelling in the US. Some I had experienced while travelling through the US north to south, south to north, east to west, and west to east 🙂

  9. Thank you. I have a very limited budget, but I just bought a bus for my new life as a full time RV er. I was having a crisis of belief that I can really afford it. But your video set me back on track.

  10. I'm a newby. My hubby is on long term care hospice. We were flooded out from Harvey and have less than 30 hrs left in our fema paid motel. I have been camper hunting for weeks.
    The camper idea came to me because no one wants potentialmy a person to die in their home.. And I can't work right now because I'm caring for him. There is no real help out there for our situation.. And when he dies I will be in shellshock! So I decided to start immediately trying to get myself ready so I don't have too many problems happening at once. I subscribed to your channel. I love how you two stick together. That's nice. I will be alone once I start traveling… Except for you two and whoever else I can study the ropes from.
    I have God/Jesus of course to protect me and help me.
    They will go wherever I go and comfort me.
    Thank you for your videos. You Are Helping Others!!!
    Amen To That! God Bless.

  11. I am new to your channel i was just 'surfing" ..but then you hooked me in. Can i find out if you hv a listing of all these spots you are talking about? almost finished outfitting my van. Thanks. This was time well spent..didn't even notice how long it was. Respectfully, Margo KC

  12. I'm about to start traveling in my RV and am looking into vehicles that can be flat towed. My current Vehicle is a front wheel drive and a Hybrid and can't tow flat I have to buy a tow dolly to get the front wheels off of the ground. Could you do an article on what are acceptable cars that can be flat towed?

  13. I'm still watching the video but have to come in I'm so grateful to find this because so many of the van and Nomad people keep talking about stealth camping in the city I'm about to retire so I want to see the sights or maybe do some rural camping not too far out cuz I'll be by myself once I retire I'm glad to see there is some nice free camping places I always thought there were as a child I lived in Vancouver Canada with my parents and we can't up and down until they move to California finally and I thought it was federal state parks or something that we can't free a lot in. So I don't understand these people who are self contained vans that he parking on residential streets and getting the cops knocking on their door

  14. great video and tips on the free camping which I don't really plan on doing totally free I can pay a decent amount on the city parks I never knew that and the work camping I've heard of it but didn't know what it was very informative. Again I don't understand why all those stuff campers and they are money on doing their blogs in advertising and stuff don't try to go some to some decent places instead of sleeping on the streets

  15. once again another great tip about the America the Beautiful that you don't have to be old they have four different levels now so maybe something has changed starts out at $80 then $10 then free and then I volunteer pass if you do 250 hours of service. it looks like the $80 one gets you and your family in for free anywhere and I also saw comments about an interagency pass exchange not sure what that is didn't look yet. so I didn't finish reading there could be a discount for being older but it looks like the $80 a year and the $10 a year is for anybody this is great information I'm so glad I found your video
    here's the link

  16. I was going to say I think a winery is would be one of my first stops cuz I've traveled up and down California but sadly a lot of them have now burned down. hopefully if we as a community support them they'll come back again but I will take some time for the ground and The Growth


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