Free overnight RV Parking – SPOTTED!

free rv parkingStaying in an RV park has been part of every RVer’s lifestyle. If you have the means to live a comfortable life while on the road, then go ahead and make the most out of it. However, you will soon realize that saving some of that parking fee really means a lot and add it instead to your savings. So why not consider ‘free overnight parking’ then, right? How?

Here are some ‘spotted’ places that offer free overnight parking:

Walmart – they have been welcoming RVers for many years now, graciously allowing overnight RV parking in their parking lots.

Camping World – allows RVers to spend the night in many of their parking lots as well.

Kmart – has been reported to be the first corporate giant to formally endorse the policy of allowing RVers to park overnight in their parking lots. Some malls permit overnight RV parking as well.

Truck stops – is also a great place to stay for free – though some RVers might find the noise level a bit annoying, due to all the semi trucks coming and going.

Travel Centers of America and Flying J – provides separate parking lots for RVs in their area.

Some places you do not expect to be offering free overnight parking for RVs:

Elks Club or Moose Lodge – they both offer free parking.

Supermarkets – since they have a well-lit parking lot, it is much safer for RVers to stay there for the night.

Casinos – they also offer free RV parking overnight.

Schools and Churches – they sure have spacious parking spots for RVers to stay overnight or at times of emergency.

Now you can stay safe and get to save those extra cash staying at free overnight parking spots in town. You do not only explore different places in living an independent lifestyle on the road, but learning to live practically too.



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