Fulltime RVing A few beginning mistakes and life at an RV park

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Fulltime RVing A few beginning mistakes and life at an RV park
Coming from mostly boondocking, I had a few things to learn about being hooked up without filling my water tank, etc.

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  1. Angelic Stormz How old are the people who live in Rv parks? I'm 21 and don't wanna live with middle aged people are there people my age? I'm also not planning on living in luxury Rv park so like a medium income Rv park
    (with a travel trailer)

  2. Anyone watching this video and the ant issue: Sprinkle baby powder around. Ants HATE baby powder. It's the talc crystals that cut into them, I think. Go to DOLLAR TREE type store and buy 4 or 5 bottles of baby powder ! Watch the ant problem go away. Every few days, depending upon rain/humidity, you may need to re-sprinkle the baby powder.

  3. The first mistake was to put a time reference at the beginning of your video. You're talking about making your second payment… why? What does that have to do with anything, and it's nearly three years old? Don't include time references. They mean nothing to the viewer except add confusion. Slow narration, not prepared, and as Judge Judy would say, "Don't make things up as you go along."

  4. I don't know why, but Youtube is putting my replies under the wrong comment all day today. It's happening on multiple different pages/channels. Since I can't get this to post correctly, I'll say it here, but it is intended as a reply to a comment on brakes by slashnburndotcodotuk.

    Thanks Slash. I have an older class A rig (1987) and I doubt that the brake fluid has ever been changed on it. Of course the system has been bled when the brakes were serviced, but I doubt a full replace ever happened. I'm going to look into getting a flush done. As to your suggestions about mods for the cooling, I'll pass. One should be a well trained mechanical engineer to do that type of modifications safely. I just remember that an RV that won't start is annoying, but an RV that won't stop can ruin your whole day. LOL. Fortunately, I mostly boondock close to home (usually within 30 miles) for short periods and l live in mostly flat country so my brakes seldom see hard service. I'm still going to flush out the old fluid and replace it with new stuff though.

  5. ants, mice, mosquitoes and other creepies don't like mint much ~ you might want to get some essential oil and dilute it with some water or alcohol and spray around or just buy a few mint plants to plant in the area. Just a thought.

  6. great info…some people have nothing better to do than criticize..why do they even watch.

    and don't tell everyone where you live girl…

  7. Thank you for your info. Your voice had a very calming affect on me. I'm about 80% complete with my build from ground up custom camper which is 100% solar. I was born in Texas and hopefully will return there in my camper to live one day soon. Once I sell my house here in the communist state of California I'm leaving this toxic state and heading to a "Free" pro-constitution state like Texas. An RV park like the one you found looks good to me and my Military pension will be more than adequate there. Thank you again for your video… ..Larry

  8. Better off downsizing to a smaller home. More space to move around, better insulated, and hopefully your house is in a nice neighborhood. Got a garage to park car and everything close by even the gym. Stuck in an RV park you got a lot more issues to deal with.

  9. you are very people are dumb as you are stupid you defeat the purpose you might as well live in a brick-and-mortar house and pay rent there that's why I do bad life Ativan and I live for free no rent no mortgage living in an RV is like leaving the house you're basically still paying the same bills what bull crap to hell with RVs vinelife rules now and forever

  10. Lm not sure you are still living full time since this video was made in 2014. I thought you were not supposed to leave the black tank open all the time. Do you just hook it up and close it off at the RV?

  11. Very informative, thank you for shearing your rv life. I think the upkeep is a big concern with me as far as prematurely living in an RV. It is the reality isnt it
    Thanks again


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