Furry Fellas lets go RVing!

Cats compared to dogs do not easily cope with the traveling idea. They get easily distracted with moving surroundings and a new environment just shock them sometimes. You definitely would not like to bring along your cuddly feline and end up having them stressed and RV-sick.


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Now here’s what you can do:

Train your cat to get used in traveling. Start from short trips, change in time and new surroundings. Make this a routine for a week and if it goes well then you can take your kitty on your road trip adventure.

rvcat 2

But just some few reminders for you:

  • Bring along a hard sided pet carrier.
  • Have an airtight food container to keep your cat food fresh.
  • See to it that your cat has a microchip or tag with your contact details just in case they got lost.
  • Have your cat wear an elastic collar which allows them to back out of the collar while being pulled just in case they got stuck on something.
  • Vet Paper and Certificates please have them handy.
  • Prescriptions are also necessary in case your cat is under any prescriptions.
  • Litter boxes are a must and keep clean all the time.
  • Make sure to make them comfortable – always.

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