4 Tips To Increase The Gas Mileage Of Your RV

One of the exclusive tips on saving money for an RVer is to save money on gas.

How to Save Money On Gas?
Increase your RV’s Gas Mileage! :mrgreen:

Gas Mileage

According to Mary Moppins,

“Increasing the Gas Mileage of your RV to get 2 Miles+ on every gallon of gas”

Here’s some of her best tips on increase Gas Mileage as aforementioned: 

  1. Low-pressure in tires decreases the mileage of your RV. Hence, periodically check if the tires on your RV are inflated well and are at the right tire pressures.
  2. Do spring Cleaning on your RV. Dirt is known to develop drag, which is a causative to decrease the gas mileage of your RV.
  3. Change your RV Oil periodically.
  4. Keep the filters on your RV clean at all times.

Here’s a video from RV 101’s Tips to improve fuel economy:

Check out more of Mark Polk’s informative videos here.

What are your ingenious ways to save money on Gas in your RV? Tell us in the comments below 😀

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