Gather your pets and go RVing!

Most RVers take their pets along their long journey for the reason that they could not just leave them behind and be taken care of by shelters or what not and because pets in general loves to explore different places, encounter other dogs or cats and new people. But before bringing them along you should be well prepared to make your travel enjoyable not only to you but to your pets as well.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Make sure that the RV parks or campgrounds you are heading to allow pets within their vicinity. Might as well give them a call ahead of time to be sure.
  • Never leave your pets locked inside your RV! That is a big NO, NO. I’m sure you never want your pets getting sick or worse – to die, just because of negligence.
  • Always have your pets wear I.D tags on their collar and harness indicating your permanent address and contact number, as well as a travel tag with your mobile number and the number where you will be staying during your next travel.
  • Have a pet leash all the time, which will control your pets from getting lost, especially when they get scared or run away. But never use a metal chain to tie your pets in case of power wave, grounded facility malfunctions or lightning strikes your trailer.
  • Make sure that your pet’s vaccination information is up to date. With their medical records and certificates just in case something happens to them.
  • Have a first aid kit for your pets handy.
  • Take snaps of your pets with you as often as possible. It will help other people identify your pet and you easily just in case they got lost.
  • Always pick up after your pets to show respect to your fellow campers. Do include pick up bags in your list and a litter box for your trailer.
  • Have enough supplies of food, water and pet treats.

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Now, wherever you take your pets, no matter how long you will be on the road with them you are sure to be a pet-friendly RVer.

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