How To Prevent A Generator Theft In Your RV?

In a forum, to an RVer- Suzanne’s question, Coleen the editor, replied that Generator Theft is quite common than one imagines! 

For Coleen of RV-Life and Travel, ‘whenever not in use, the generator is locked inside and out of sight. Moreover, whenever in use  the generator is chained around the bumper in a twisted knot’. This also helps the generator to be locked fail proof with a powerful padlock!


If your generator is brand new and you prefer to keep it scratch-proof, a sturdy generator storage box is your perfect answer.

Here, take a look at a video on how to make a wooden box for your RV Generator storage: 

Can you buy a theft proof generator?

Here, check out the video of an AWESOME product you can buy to prevent Generator Theft

Has your generator ever been stolen? What are your smart ways of preventing Generator Theft? Tell us in the comments below! 😀



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