Getting a Great Night’s Sleep in Your RV

One of the big advantages to owning an RV over camping in a tent is the opportunity to get a great night’s sleep. It can be hard to sleep in a tent, especially if you don’t have a comfortable air mattress to support you. While you might be able to sleep well enough in a tent during your younger years, most people find that sleeping on the ground gets more and more difficult as they age. The beds available in modern RV’s are comfortable, and will provide an experience much closer to what you are used to at home.

With all that said, some people still struggle to get a good night’s sleep in an RV bed. No matter how comfortable the mattress may be, it is still different than what you are used to at home. Add the change in mattress to the excitement of being on vacation, and you may find yourself tossing and turning all night long.

Great Sleep is Possible in an RV
Great Sleep is Possible in an RV

If you find yourself struggling to sleep soundly when you travel in your RV, the following tips may help.

Wear Yourself Out

In order to sleep well at night, you need to have plenty of activity during the day. If you just sit around all day, your body won’t be ready to sleep when the sun goes down. Of course, this should be a pretty easy task since you are out on vacation. Make sure to keep yourself and your traveling party occupied with plenty of activities during the day and you will make the task of falling asleep at night that much easier.

Manage the Temperature

If the RV is an uncomfortable temperature when you lay your head down on the pillow, it will be more difficult to fall asleep. During the day, monitor the temperature in the RV when possible and make adjustments to keep the thermostat in a comfortable range. Simply opening or closing a window can go a long way toward making you and the rest of the family comfortable at night.

Bring Your Regular Pillows

Instead of keeping pillows inside your RV specifically for traveling, consider bringing your regular pillows that you use every night. Your head and neck are used to the level of support that those pillows provide, so don’t throw your body out of rhythm by trying to sleep on something different. Even if your body isn’t totally comfortable on the RV mattress, the benefit of familiar pillows may help you drift off to sleep.

Have Some Entertainment

You might find it difficult to unwind after a long day of recreation when you settle in to the RV at night. If that is the case, bring along some form of entertainment like a book or a DVD that you can watch to relax your mind. Spending just 15 or 20 minutes enjoying your preferred form of entertainment may be enough to settle you down and have your ready for bed.

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