Go RVing with your ‘man’s best friend’

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. They will give you all the love – unconditionally, therefore, you don’t want to break their hearts by leaving them behind whenever you go RVing for a long time, right? Then take them along with you, besides, they are family too.

Here is a list for you:

dogrv 2

  • Dogs love to travel since they love the feel of new discoveries. Now make sure to have a supply of your brand of dog food, because switching from one brand to another may cause digestive problems.
  • Always have a clean drinking water for your dogs.
  • Feed them the same time every day, this is for you be aware of their bowel movements.
  • Keep your dog’s certificates and vet papers handy – all the time.
  • Have them wear ID tags on their collar or harness with your contact details just in case they got lost.
  • Have that pet first aid kit close within your camper because vet clinics are not that accessible on the road.
  • Give them the kinds of exercise they love. Play fetch with them or find their treats around your campground. A chew treat will also keep them busy and is also good for their teeth.
  • Do call the RV Park or campground first to check if they allow dogs within their area or have an app that can locate a pet friendly park.
  • Always pick up after your dog as a courtesy to your fellow campers. Have a pick up bag with you (some are scented too)
  • If you have to leave your dog inside the rig, see to it that they are comfortable. Turn on the tv or radio just to distract them from the outside noise and put your window blinds down.
  • You can also bring a pet fence with you so you can leave them unleashed once in a while outside your RV.
  • Give them a bath as often as possible to keep them clean all the time.

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Bringing your best bud along with you just means so much to them and if you do love them so much, you will love to make memories with them while they can still be with you. So make the most out of it.

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