Goal: Organize your RV

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RVers everyday challenge is how to keep the things inside their rig organized all the time. Organizing stuff does not require any special skills; you just have to figure out how all your things will fit in your rig cabinets and compartments.

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Organize RVHere are your some tools you will need for organizing your RV:

Commercial Velcro – this can hold up to 20 pounds, which makes it an ideal tool for RVs. Good for securing fire extinguishers, hanging hand mirrors or medicine cabinets.

Quakehold Gel – perfect for displays even during travel. This gel will keep vase, teapots or glasses in place even while on the road.

Ziploc Space Bags – an ideal container or storage during travel. You can store your summer clothes and put out your winter outfits. Store your blankets, extra pillow or bulky items.

Elastic Bungee Cords – these cords are good to hold things in place such as bathroom items, kitchen stuff or things inside your cabinets.

Hooks, hooks and more hooks – this is an all around buddy, regardless of what the use is for. Good for keys, mugs, jewelry, clothes, emergency bags, you name it!

Seeing your things properly organized gives you a satisfying feeling, especially when you are in such a tight space.

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