Great Alaskan Destinations to RV

Filled with public and private campgrounds, Alaska is perfect for RVers. In fact, RVing in Alaska is a special thrill on its own.

Why? For starters, there is a stunning  Glacier that you will spot while driving on the 1300 mile long Alaskan Highway.

Here, take a look at this Worthington Glacier

Alaskan Destinations to RV

According to Ben and Rebecca,

“There are as many myths about driving an RV to Alaska as there are salmon in the rivers. Alaska is a popular destination, but the magnitude of the journey can be intimidating”.

But, the truth is Alaska is filled with gorgeous mountains, valleys and flora, such that boondocking in Alaska is best when compared to other places in the States!

Here are our best Alaskan Destinations to RV

  1. Denali National Park
    With 6 Million acres of Alaskan Interior wilderness,  Denali National Park is known for its mesmerizing scenery.
    Alaskan Destinations to RV
  2. Fairbanks
    Home to many RVer families, Fairbanks is a highly demanded area for RVers.
  3. Snowboarding 
    One of the most popular sport amongst RVers visiting Alaska is Snowboarding.
  4. Seward, Alaska
    Located in the Kenai region, Seward is a tranquil place for RVers. The truth is, the entire population of the place is 2,258! 😮
  5. Alaska Zoo
    The zoo has 38 different species of animals totaling up to 77 animals and occupies 25 Acres on the Hillside of the Anchorage.

Here, check out a video on Alaskan Destinations to RV

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Even though Alaska is a long tiring trip, most RVers quote RVing in Alaskan Destinations as unforgettable. Have you ever gone RVing into Alaska? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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