Great Hiking Destinations

Looking for an adventure? Try some of these great hiking destinations.

If you like nature, you may be one of the more than 10 million people who visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park last year or gazed at the Grand Canyon along with 4.7 million of your friends. The National Park Service recently released its visitor numbers for 2014, showing a record-high 293 million visits to parks in its system. But never fear — if you’re not into crowds, you can still find some empty space in the remote areas of the Smoky Mountains. And if you really don’t like crowds, then you should schedule a trip to some of the least-visited parks in the system — nine parks that, combined, had only 350,000 visitors in 2014…

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great hiking destinations nv


Maybe you are more interested in Loop Hiking…

Loop hikes are considered to be the pinnacle hiking experience.

With fresh views at every step, none of your time or energy is wasted.

The circular trails listed below also all offer incredible experiences in some of America’s most treasured public lands.

Some could be challenging day hikes while others are best enjoyed as weeklong adventures.

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Loop Hiking Destinations

Great Hiking Destinations

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