Great Places to Visit in Your RV for Halloween

It might be hard to believe, but Halloween has come around again. You might feel like summer just ended last weekend, but it is suddenly time to get out the pumpkins and the costumes for this annual tradition. However, just because summer has ended doesn’t mean you have to put the cover on your RV and forget about camping until 2016. In fact, you may wish to get the RV ready to go and take a trip for Halloween itself. Why sit around your home passing out candy when you can be out having a great time on a quick vacation?

RV Travel on Halloween Can Be Great Fun
RV Travel on Halloween Can Be Great Fun

Of course, in order to have a great time on Halloween, you will need to pick a great destination. Following are a few ideas for a Halloween getaway – obviously, based on where you happen to live, some of these options are going to be a little more practical than others.

New Orleans, Louisiana

During the daytime, there is nothing spooky at all about New Orleans. However, once the sun goes down, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding plenty of spooky places to check out on Halloween night. In a city known for its nightlife and party scene, you can bet both locals and tourists alike go all out for this unique holiday.

Stay Near a Haunted House

If there is a large haunted house being put on somewhere in your region, consider finding an RV park nearby so that you can enjoy the haunted house activities late into the evening on Halloween without having to worry about a long drive home. This could even work as a one-night stay if you wish – simply drive to your destination on Halloween morning, enjoy the frightening parties, and come home the next day. The beauty of RV travel is that there is limited work to do in terms of setup and take down, so a single night trip is a reasonable option to consider.

Tour a Cemetery

There are some cemeteries throughout the country that offer nighttime tours of their grounds on Halloween, which can make for a downright spooky experience. If you don’t live near to one of these cemeteries, you could hitch up the RV and take a trip for the weekend in order to see how far you can go before getting spooked. These tours are likely to book up quickly on Halloween, however, so be sure to call ahead before traveling to a certain destination.

As a last option, you could simply stay at home and set up a party within your RV right there in the driveway. Since your RV is smaller than your house, it might be easier to decorate the RV with a Halloween-theme that could be used to host a great party for family and friends. At the end of the day, Halloween should be about having fun, and you don’t necessarily need to go anywhere in order to have a memorable night.

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