Great Value Can Be Found in Used RV’s

Buying an RV is a big decision, and a big financial commitment. Depending on the type and model of RV that you are looking at buying, the cost can easily run beyond that of a luxury car. With any purchase that big, you want to make sure you do plenty of research and get the best possible deal for your money. Also, every individual has unique needs from their RV, so the perfect rig for one person might be the wrong one for someone else. While you may start out your RV search looking for new RV’s, there is plenty of opportunity to get a good deal on a great RV in the used market.

Ask to See Both

If you aren’t sure if you are going to buy a new or used RV, simply head to the dealership and take a look at both for yourself. Most RV dealers will RVing Funhave a selection of new and used options for you to review, so you can compare the difference in prices and features from one to the next. Of course, the big advantage you are looking for from a used RV is the price savings that can come with it. New RV’s have the advantage of containing all of the latest features and technology, as well as having all brand new parts and pieces. In order for the purchase of a used RV to make good sense, you need to ensure that you are saving significantly from a financial standpoint over buying a new rig.

Try to Stay Within a Few Years

When buying used, the best way to go is to pick a model that was only made within the last few years and has been used relatively lightly. The key here is in the technology and equipment used to build the RV. Just like anything else, RV production is constantly being changed and refined by technological advancements, so going too far back into history to buy your RV means you will be missing out on those new features and improvements. Instead, try looking for a used RV that has been built within the last few years so you know you aren’t going to be too far behind the curve. Also, an RV that is only a few years old shouldn’t have as much wear and tear on the mechanical components that it uses to operate.

Negotiate Aggressively

When you are buying a new RV, there is often very little room for negotiation. The dealer just recently bought the RV from the manufacturer, and they have a specific cost that they simply can’t go below in order to make money. For that reason, you aren’t going to get very far negotiating a low price on a new RV. However, the story is different when it comes to used RV’s. The dealership probably got the RV through a trade-in exchange, and they don’t have a ‘hard’ cost on their books that they need to recoup. More likely, they just want to get it sold so they can bring in some money and make room for the next trade in.

You should use this knowledge to your advantage and negotiate hard when it comes to buying a used RV. Understand that they can bring the price down if they want to, so you don’t need to give in just because they say the offer is their ‘best price’. You won’t always be able to get them to come down to the number that you have in mind, but it is certainly worth the effort to pursue a lower price than what they have listed on the sticker.

You Can Still Get What You Want

If you have made a list of features that you want to find in your RV, you don’t need to throw out that list just because you decide to look for a used model. You should still work hard to find exactly what you want in an RV, and make sure that it will work for the needs of you and your family. By locating a used RV that is able to accommodate your needs at a lower price, you can get your RV’ing experience off to a great start.

Buying a Used RV

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