Handy RV Tips and Easy Living Tricks Part 2

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Handy RV Tips and Easy Living Tricks Part 2
Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines’ Bob Livingston and friends show you a host of RV DIY small projects to make life on the road even more enjoyable.

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  1. for the slide clearance plunger trick use a broom handle instead of a basic dowel. broom handles and plungers have the same threads, so it screws into the plunger head.

  2. Good video . I probably would have used Pool Noodles instead of carpet on the ladder . If you're washing your roof , the carpet will get wet and eventually get some mold on it . Pool Noodles on the other hand are made for the water .

  3. Why did you cut fully functioning solid drain pipes to stick a flexible drain pipe onto and into.
    So much work, just use the solid drain pipe without cutting it and forego the flexible pipe.
    Also the pressure relief valve has a specific purpose and that is to release pressure before you unscrew the drain plug.

  4. Some good ideas! Thank you! Agree that you might want to shorten these up a bit and perhaps do them in segments with less lag-time in between segments. Love your creativity!

  5. If your driving on a day when a lot of bugs are out. Take a damp sponge and dish soap and apply straight to the front of your RV. Upon arrival at destination simply hose off the bugs, no scrubbing.


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