Harassed and told to leave: Full Time RV Living

Harassed and told to leave: Full Time RV Living
We had to leave our spot in the forest unexpectedly. If you enjoy our videos, please share them with your friends on social media to help our channel grow.

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S & S and the RV Cats

  • I think you did the right thing for yourselves & your adorable fur babies & just moved on. Not worth staying if this rancher decided to come back in the middle of the night with a couple of his buddies to harm you or your trailer/truck.

  • I wonder what is on that plate, the volume was too low to hear you (old age hearing loss)
    I just had a cup of tea with stevia, It is so potent, I had a hard time not getting so much
    into the tea until I put it into a salt shaker, just two shakes takes just enough sweetness
    for me, it can be very overpowering and I can't enjoy it when I get too much in the cup.

    Kitty has a lot of practice sleeping –

  • The "road closed" sign … was it USDA, USFS, BLM, or just a garden variety printed sign? Were you on public land? If so, for how long? Different agencies will have different rules … length of time you can stay in one spot, (Dispersed Recreational Camping) then different distances they want you to move. AND … they REALLY want to know if some rancher with grazing privileges is trying to usurp authority over their (gov't's) land!

  • If it was BLM land ,it belongs to you also . I would have told him we are staying for a few days, and for him to keep those damn cows of f your BLM property.

  • Wow how rude , was that the owner of the ranch or was he one of the ranch hands ? Most ranch owners I have met are the salt of the earth , ranch hands on the other hand are mostly a – holes , that’s why they’re ranch hands because no one else wants them working for them . Santa Maria, California was named after our family’s ranch 27,000 acres . Many stories told of his vaqueros telling him there was wagons camped on the property and he told them to go and bring them to the hacienda. My grandfather would welcome them and told them to stay as long as they needed and fed them . He also kept a large cauldron of coins by the door and when the travelers were leaving he would point to it an say “ Please take what ever you need to help make your journey “ . Taken from one of the three books written on my family, that was given to me from the President of the Historical Society of Placentia , California Mrs. Mary Smythes ( I hope I spelled last name right ) . Things have changed .

  • Man I miss Flagstaff!!! Stayed in the Forrest behind the KOA!! My first hitchhiking trip! Texas to the Grand Canyon! Sorry y'all had trouble…

  • What led you to that area was it a map on a membership. GRAZING CATTLE WOULD DESTROY THAT AREA .Was he the owner of that park.Continue to write about it .Harassing campers by a park neighbor should of been reported.

  • I have hunted in the back country and had cowboys ride up packing and threatening us to get off private ranch property! My hunting friend pulled out a map and showed them we New it was public land! They rode out and we continued to hunt!

  • Just discovered you both, you both seem to be very kind and gentle folks, something our Country could use more of these Days! Luv the Cats I just rescued one and we Love each other very much! Sometimes I wonder if the cat really rescued me? My girlfriend and I are in the process of selling of everything and hitting the Road! I think you did the right thing to not cause a fuss and just move on. Looking forward to your future Vids, Peace, Victor.

  • BLM land is usually up for grabs, so to speak. However, two things. If the gate was locked then you probably shouldn't access it (you didn't say it was locked though). The only other thing I can think of is that maybe that cattle rancher was leasing the land for his cattle. They do that here where I live. Maybe that was why that guy was so nasty to you. Bummer! But it looks like you found another awesome place to park anyway. I'm happy for you guys and your friend too!
    Love your kitty cats! My mother was a real cat lady too! Dad had the dogs, she had the cats, lol. You're little black and white one reminded me so much of one of mom's cats named Toby! It was her favorite, but she loved them all! Amazon Prime is great too! I have that and use it way too much, haha! It's a super good service! 2-day shipping is the best! Happy trails and stay safe!!

  • If you're not a wanted criminal or a convicted felon with a firearm, why would you leave? Just because some Cray-Cray wants you off BLM land so he can run his cows there–you leave? Let the a-hole report you. He needs to stop illegally harassing campers.

  • Sorry but you should have stood your ground. I am a long time traveler and am sick of the "locals" telling travelers to clear off or they will call the rangers or cops. This is PUBLIC LAND and you have every right to be there!
    I had several experiences of locals in Sumpter, Oregon approach me on National Forest land questioning me……you tells those nosy a-holes to piss off. You have every right to be there and the locals can just get over it!

  • I am going to guess you did not see the road closed sign clearly posted with a barricade across the road? always DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS BEST, BUT you should double check with law enforcement about allowances, it may have been just you blocked the road. And if you don't mind those free range cattle it could have been another few days in a nice place to stay.

  • '"This is illegal!", "I'm going to report you!"… Go ahead, the clarification from law enforcement can only bring the rancher down a couple of notches. I'm not judging your decision, I'm simply frustrated with so many country folk who claim to be the salt of the earth, yet continuously behave like it's the wild west. Maybe you would have been more welcome in the rancher's eyes if you drove a jacked-up pick-up truck, rollin' coal, leaving your garbage and empty beer cans everywhere, hooting and hollering all night, etc.. Instead you chose to be a responsible and respectful RVer / Explorer, …yuk!